Would you pay to be kidnapped on your vacation?

Kidnapped on vacationI imagine it is hard to top the travel to the outer space promise when it commes to innovative vacation and travel ideas. But is it really appealing to be captured without notice, blindfolded and made a prisoner for 4 to 10 hours? Judging by the travel concepts presented at the Tourism Futures conference in Brisbane, it seems this is the next big thing!

Tourism Queensland and a French company are offering such tourist delights: people actually pay “to be abducted without warning, bound, gagged and imprisoned for between four and ten hours.”

How does this work when compared with this far more innovative and less frightening experience:

Nick Talbot, who is director of UK-based design and innovation company seymourpowell, said in the next 15 years you could see “air hotels’’ like cruise ships in the sky in which you spend a week floating from Australia to London, stopping off at various destinations along the way.

I understand social media being a part of traveling and the rise of custom vacationsm, designed to fit lifestyle and enormous budgets – think space tourism and the air hotels here, but when exactly have we switched from visiting tourist attack sites as part of Dark or Black tourism to actually wanting to experience the life changing trauma of kidnapping victims?

Would you actually pay for something like this?