Phone Number Location Tracking in Law Enforcement: Benefits and Challenges


Location tracking via SIM info, IMEI number, or GPS signals is a crucial part of law enforcement to catch criminals, and mobile devices are the main component that makes it available. In this regard, the best and easiest way to conduct efficient and remote phone tracking is using a location number tracker. As a powerful surveillance tool, these monitoring apps help police locate a phone number remotely and catch the person faster.

In this article, we will explore the best GPS tracking services and discuss the advantages and challenges of the utilization of phone number tracker apps in law enforcement.

What Is a Location Number Tracker?

Phone number tracker apps are built for precise GPS locating via the person’s cell phone number. Most of these tools do not require long installation and downloading processes and provide easy remote surveillance for any mobile brand you need. Without being bothered with rooting or jailbreaking, users can track the device anonymously.

To protect user identity, the location tracker by phone number runs in discreet mode and gives you a clue about the whereabouts of a mobile gadget without being noticed. The coordinates are updated in short intervals and allow users to simultaneously watch the footsteps of the device owner remotely.

Why Is GPS Tracking Crucial for the Police?

Secrecy is essential for the police force while conducting criminal research. While law enforcement is already equipped with high-tech tools and systems that can track IMEI and GPS signals of a mobile device, being fast and anonymous is always the primary necessity. At this point, a cell phone number location tracker is the best agent of the police for conducting secret and quick location tracking.

Another reason why number trackers and IMEI trackers play an important role in law and justice is that they provide quality and valid GPS data with reliable sources. The mobile device’s carrier, the SIM сard, IMEI, and even the Wi-Fi connections are scanned thoroughly to validate accurate location information. These reliable sources ensure the precise position of the individual on a map.

The Best Phone Number Trackers for Law Enforcement

Top-quality location tracker apps for law enforcement are the ones with legitimate policies and accurate GPS services. Either a comprehensible cell phone monitoring app or a simple phone number tracker, there is a perfect location tracker for every suspect.

  1. specializes in pinpointing the exact location of an Android or iPhone on the map via an interesting link. This link is created by the tracker app and can be shared with the recipient through all offline and online messaging apps, making it a perfect bait for criminals.

Best Features

  • Anonymous and remote phone number tracker
  • GPS location through a link
  • Track VPN, IP, and real-time location
  1. Cocospy

Cocospy phone tracker is an extensive tool to locate Android and iOS devices around the world. Its high-rated location tracking services gained the trust of millions and are perfect for digging into a suspect’s potentially criminal history hidden in text messages and media files.

Best Features

  • Fast set-up without rooting/jailbreaking
  • Audio and video stream
  • Track SIM, Wi-Fi, and GPS
  1. Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile Location Tracker Free tracks down text messages, calls, contacts, and even phone screen activities without their knowing. With geolocation, law enforcement can easily locate a phone number on the streets and also set geofences remotely to ensure the suspect will not step into the forbidden area again.

Best Features

  • Full stealth mode
  • Geolocation and geofencing
  • Monitor gallery, social media, and browser activities
  1. Spyic

Spyic is an Android and iPhone location tracker designed to find a mobile phone discreetly and remotely. The GPS signals, as well as the online and offline phone activities of the device, are monitored through regular updates, and the precise coordinates and data drop on the police’s screen in real time.

Best Features

  • Accurate and reliable location tracking
  • 24/7 customer support in emergencies
  • Multiple device tracking available
  1. IMEI Tracking

Police officers may also reach out to service providers to access call details. The latter can share the target’s IMEI number, call duration, caller details, phone number, and area code. All our calls made or received are recorded by service providers. Mobile phones undergo registration with nearby cell towers through “triangulation.” This method aids in pinpointing the phone’s location based on signal strength and tower capacity. But for the method to be successful, the phone should be switched on.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell Phone Tracking in Law?

It is an undeniable fact that mobile monitoring apps are powerful sources for the police force. However, utilizing a tracker app for the sake of law and benefiting from the convenience of a location tracker by phone number may also have some cons.


Crime rates are very high around the world, and the most difficult task can be locating the suspect within a short time limit. In this regard, a cell phone number tracker catches the eye with shiny and fast surveillance features. Here are the advantages of using a tracker app in law:


Save Time and Money

An easy and fast location number tracker helps the police force get the coordinates in a much shorter time without any paperwork and delay. The monitoring fees of these apps are more affordable than those of the phone companies that assist law enforcement in locating a device, and accurate data is obtained at reasonable prices.

Act Quicker in Emergencies

In case of a kidnapping or an urgent need for healthcare, cell phone monitoring apps are the life-saving tools of law enforcement. With their fast response and valid GPS data, it is easier to reach the victim or locate the place of the accident for transferring an ambulance.

Track Paroled Inmates Easily

Paroled individuals are those who are released under supervision, and it is generally difficult to track these inmates properly. Phone number tracker apps, on the other hand, can help police forces monitor online and real-life activities, as well as the real-time location of paroled persons remotely and secretly.



Citizen’s Rights Need to be Protected

Most location requests require court approval or the permission of the phone owner. Thus, police need to make sure that the rights of the device owner are not violated during an investigation, and all kinds of phone number tracking should be conducted with immense attention so that the proof obtained can be used in court.

Third-Party App Policies May Cause Troubles

To monitor a citizen’s coordinates on the map via a third-party app, it is crucial to use a valid location tracker by phone number abiding by legal regulations and policies. Unclear policies under unknown corporations may endanger the safety of both sides and put law enforcement in a difficult position.