Technologies to Make Marketer’s Lives Easier in 2022

Technologies to Make Marketer’s Lives Easier in 2022

Marketing is the key driver for any company’s success, and the modern world and technologies never stop developing. Considering the high competition in almost every industry, marketers must work hard and constantly improve their skills to stay on trend. Undoubtedly, keeping track of all the news and changes is important to make the work more productive and successful. Catch the top innovations that will make your life easier right now!

Active Usage of Artificial Intelligence

AI is firmly rooted in our lives, and it is hard to imagine the modern world without it. While conspiracy theorists are discussing that robots will take over the planet, most companies successfully use this technology in their activities. Artificial Intelligence was implemented by hospitals, architecture and design companies, banks, and casino UK online sites. According to Forbes, there are numerous exciting ways to implement the technology into your business. It greatly simplifies work and allows proceeding with the following points:

· Analysing customers’ behaviour and preferences makes it easier to make personalized advertisements

· Using special analytics and determining the target audience can significantly reduce marketing costs

· Special chatbots allow to quickly and efficiently communicate with clients: this can detect conflict situations immediately and prevent any negative experiences.

Technologies to Make Marketer’s Lives Easier in 2022

Customer Data Platforms

Keeping clients loyal to the company is much cheaper than attracting new users. And the main difficulty lies in the fact that a person can interact with the company using varied channels, which makes it hard to identify the general information concerning demographics, preferences, and demands of each customer.

Customer data platforms are the best tool where all the necessary details can be gathered in a structured and consistent way. They identify a consumer, help make personalized newsletters with the best company’s offers, and remind users about the products they’ve added to their cart or purchased.

Shoppable Media to Immediately Get a Product or Service

Since modern people spend a lot of time on social media, it’s an indispensable tool for many companies. The technology shortens the user’s path and increases the likelihood of receiving an application. This is especially true for spontaneous purchases when the user sees an Instagram advertisement for a product and decides to buy it immediately. The client just needs to make several clicks to order a product or service and continue reading.

Technologies to Make Marketer’s Lives Easier in 2022

Implementation of Instant Mobile Payments

The number of transactions using mobile e-wallets increases daily, and implementing the possibility to pay via smartphone in a few clicks is now the key for any business. It’s a great way to increase profits and avoid additional marketing expenses: if a client spontaneously decides to buy a product, they only need to press one button to pay for it. The technology in which the buyer needs to spend time and enter bank card details is gradually fading away. While the user is performing all these actions, they may still be wondering if they need this product and change their mind about the purchase. So, if you still haven’t made this feature a vital tool for growing your business, do it now!