North Korea’s Change of Heart: No More 3G Data for Tourists

We’ve been talking a lot about tech and travel, seeing how the Travel Tweaks team happens to love travel and to also have a large dose of geekiness in their system at all times. That’s why we’ve all rejoiced with the world when North Korea changed its policy of taking away tourists’s phones and even offered them a 3G data service allowing them to make phone calls, tweet, post photos and all the other goodies mobile Internet access entails.

Pyongyang, North Korea

Pyongyang, North Korea

After a short month of Koryolink prepaid SIM cards allowing tourists to connect to the world while traveling through North Korea (and following quite some news hype on the matter when the announcement was made), the country decided to go back on their decision and cut 3G access for tourists. 

As Mashable reported, Beijing-based Koryo Tours, a company specialized in tours to North Korea, broke the news through a notice on its website.

“3G access is no longer available for tourists to the DPRK. Sim cards can still be purchased to make international calls but no internet access is available,” said Koryo Tours.

Looks like a little openness scared off the extremely secluded Asian nation, although the reasons for this decision have not made public.