New Management Reporting Software launched by CT Business Travel

CT Business Travel, one of the UK’s leading business travel agents is launching a new set of improved management reporting tools. The new reporting tools have been designed based on client, staff members and partner feedback, and can be customised according to each individual client’s needs.These new systems allow more control over budgets, analysis of booking patterns and other habits which can lead to discovering ways of saving costs.

Our new reporting software is a fantastic development, allowing our clients the opportunity to create bespoke reporting that is specific to their business and gives them greater control, said Mark Kempster, Managing Director of CT Business Travel. These systems also provided other benefits to us and our clients, such as being able to quickly identify passenger locations should an unforeseen event happen, such as the ash cloud problem we had earlier this year. Having these tools to hand means CT Business Travel and clients can react more quickly and take decisive action to resolve problems like this.

The reports can be printed, posted or saved in PDF format or be saved in various forms of secured logs inside the software database. The new custom reporting tools will be available for free for CT Business clients.

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