3 Ways to Deal with Rising Gas Prices and Still Travel

After air flight tickets, gas prices are the new mean kid on the travel scene. Car trips and tours might all be cut short or canceled completely due to rising gas prices. Recent news refer to the USA, but gas prices are on the rise in Europe too and our pockets can certainly tell the tale. How can an avid traveler tackle this issue without altering their vacation plans? Here are a few ideas:

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Fill your car with as many people as possible

If you’re traveling solo or just with your partner, then you’re in luck. Find some friends to tag along and organize a nice getaway with them. Dividing the costs by four, five or six, depending on how big your car is will definitely be a bliss compared to one or two people paying for the whole vacation fuel consumption.

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Travel by train

If you don’t mind a strict schedule (which will allow you to book your tickets in advance and pay less), use trains as your means of transportation. It’s fun, you don’t have to worry about all that driving and they still run on electricity, so until that price goes up too, you’re on the safe side.

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Cycle your way to your destination

If you are a generally fit traveler and are proficient with a bike, why not cycle your way through your next vacation? You’ll have to learn to pack light, paddle like crazy and probably pick a closer to home destination. If might be tiring, but then again you won’t have to worry as much about parking!

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There is of course the extra option of hitch-hiking, but as it is more often than not scary and unsafe, I’d say to find a better solution!

What about you, what solutions to keep traveling have you found?