The Top 5 Things to do in the London Paddington District


It does not matter if you are traveling to London for a pleasure trip or for business; at some point you are going to be looking for something to do in the area of the city that you are staying. You may have some downtime while working or just have a day to explore the area and you want to know that there are places around that you can go to learn, explore and have fun. When you are staying in the Paddington district of London, there are many different things that you may want to see or do. While there is a lot of activity in the area, here are the top five things to do in London Paddington district so you can have fun:

  1. Kensington Gardens – One of the Royal Parks of London, Kensington Gardens were once part of the private gardens that belonged to Kensington Palace. The gardens are an excellent place for you to take a stroll through or rent a bike and use the bike paths so you can see the beautiful flowers and statues in the park. 
  1. Hyde Park – The largest park area in London, Hyde Park has a great deal to offer and you can spend the entire day just walking through the various areas and extensions. With a history dating back nearly 500 years, the park features many cherished areas, statues and memorials. Make sure you take the time to take in the famous “upside down tree.” 
  1. Regents Canal – The 8-mile long canal makes a fantastic area for quiet and contemplative strolls along the water and is breathtaking to walk along during sunsets in the spring and summer times of year. You can also take the time to take a lovely pleasure cruise up and down the canal or use the bike paths that many like to use to go through the area. 
  1. Royal Albert Hall – There may be no greater venue to see a performance in London than Royal Albert Hall. Opened in 1851, the hall has stood as a premier venue in London for all kinds of concerts and shows throughout the year. 
  1. Madame Tussauds – If you are looking for something different and fun, a visit to Madame Tussaud Wax Museum can be just what you need. You can see over 300 wax figures of historical, entertainment and fictional characters to delight and astound you. Kids and adults alike love walking through the different exhibits. Be ready to take plenty of pictures of all of your favorites.

There are many more great things to do in the Paddington area (make sure to look for the famous Paddington Bear!) so you may want to plan to spend several days in the area to see everything. When you are considering hotels in Paddington, you can make the best choice by staying at the Paddington Hotel London, a place where you will get comfortable accommodations and an affordable rate in a great spot in Central London.

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  1. April Perez says:

    Madame Tussaud’s is always a favorite for me. I just love seeing wax figures and other statues there.

  2. Barely Vegan says:

    I’d definitely go see the wax museum. It sounds so interesting and I always have a good time at museums!

  3. Kathy Lacuna says:

    London is one of my dream destinations second only to Paris. We have a planned Europe tour this year and London is one of the places in our itinerary. Thanks for this post. The Paddington district sounds like an intersting place to see.

  4. Elizabeth O. says:

    Some of these places are great when you’re looking for some time alone. Thanks for the list, it’s definitely worth checking out when you’re in London!

  5. I’d like to visit all the attractions you’ve mentioned here. I still have to see London and I hope that I’d be able to do it soon. I’ll keep in mind what you’ve posted here so I can refer to this when the time comes for me to travel to London.

    • My very first thing to see in London (other than train station and then underground) was Hyde Park 😀 So that’a always a great place to start when you get there.

  6. Franc Ramon says:

    London is a bucket list location for me. I’m taking note of these 5 locations whenever I get the chance to travel in London.

  7. Mommy Roxi says:

    Seems like there’s a Madame Tussaud Wax Museum just about anywhere there are tourists! I’ve been to the one in L.A. and in New York. Heard there’s one nearer, in Hong Kong.

  8. May Palacpac says:

    Lots of people seem to be visiting London lately in the blogosphere. 🙂 Must really be that lovely.

    I hear about Madame Tussaud Wax Museum from the web a lot. I hope to see it too one day.

  9. Fred says:

    I have never been to London before and indeed this is one of my dream destinations to travel with my wife. I have heard of Paddington because of the bear, but this is a great intro to the district of London that inspired its name.

  10. Amanda Love says:

    We were recently there and did Madame Tussauds. There is so much to do in London and I can’t wait to go back. Great list!

  11. Joren Umacob says:

    The wax museum looks interesting. I want to work in London if given a chance. I must admit I needed a lot of money to travel that far ?.

  12. Bhushavali says:

    That’s an impressive post. Never thought of Paddington as a sight seeing destination. Btw you could also include Little venice & Primrose Hill..

  13. Fred Erick says:

    I would love to go to London someday. it’s really a dream. I would love to go to Madamme Tussauds and to those other places as well. thanks for the tips!

  14. What a great post! This just makes me want to visit London that much more. Our Bucket List is getting full of ideas now!

  15. Wish I could visit all these places someday! London is such a beautiful place 😀

  16. Shub says:

    Nice list! I will keep in minf when I visit London.

  17. That’s a lot of things to do in the Paddington district! It even might take me days to go through all of your suggestions 🙂

  18. Rosey says:

    I heard the Paddington Bears were all around when the movie was popular. I thnk that would be cool to see.

  19. I feel London has a lot to explore and do, especially those local markets with some good bargain are totally worth exploring.

  20. Great! thanks for the travel infor. I am taking note and will try to cover all these places when I go to London.

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