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I make a lot of lists. On my birthday, Just before the new year, every month, every time I feel something in my life just has to change. I take all of them seriously, but the one list that’s above all lists, the list to end them all… Actually, further inspire them all, and that is my Travel Wishlist. It takes shape in my head and then I start to pinpoint departure dates, places to see, people to meet, fun to be had. It shapes up and takes a life of its own and I just love every moment of it.

Last year, my travel wishlist had one major item on it. A tour of several European countries, me and my Mushroom (that’s my Peugeot 107 for those of you who don’t know that), visiting friends, working wherever there was an Internet connection, and enjoying myself more than on any other holiday. I drove to Germany, visiting Mig and Phil in Trier, then Heidelberg and Dusseldorf to see friends who had moved abroad, then to the Netherlands, to see my friend Bart and investigate Juliana Park in Hoorn (it is quite the hot spot in my soon-to-make-me-famous vampire story), then to the UK, to take London and the entire Cambridgeshire by storm with my girl and partner in crime Alex, then to Scotland, so that my good friend Joanna could join in and help us make an awesome trio. Oh, yeah, on that last bit, I crossed paths with the Olympic torch and… had a great reason to buy and wear an “I love boys in kilts” t-shirt.

Heidelberg form up top

Heidelberg form up top

As the trip was quite long, I have only had the occasional weekend getaway throughout the rest of the year, in Romania or in Bulgaria. All cool, it was sort of enough, as in it got me through the rest of the year. There can never be too much travel in a year. And this brings us to this year! I thought it would be nice to make a list so that I can keep track of my travel progress. So, round of applause please, here goes:

Cambridge, waterborne

Cambridge, waterborne

1. Paris – yes, I’ve never been. Wanted to, planned to, things fell apart. It happens more often than not. Paris is on top of my 2013 list because, just as this year’s month-long quest, there’s more to it than just visiting one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It’s a right of passage if you will, definitely something that I am going to do.

2. The Highlands of Scotland. What did you expect? Long time fan of Adrian Paul as the Highlander… Still expect Duncan MacLeod to be there waiting for me when I make it to the right part of the country 😀 Plus I need to see Kirkwall and its surroundings, another place that has to do with my novel 😀

3. South of Italy. Yes, right there on the tip of the boot! My aunt has been living there for years and I kept promising I’d go see her. I guess it’s finally time!

Yes, only three items on the list, all in Europe. There’s a reason for that: I want to see more of Romania, but that’s not a big trip, more of a list of weekend getaways for me to enjoy. Also, I am planning a big move for next autumn and that will take a lot of time, energy and planning.

Now, over to you! Do share your top three places on your 2013 travel wishlist!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Good list! I love Paris and would go again and again if there weren’t so many other places in the world I also want to see!

    My top 3 for 2013 are:

    1. Russia
    2. Sri Lanka
    3. Madagascar

    Yes, we’re dreaming big again after an incredible 2012.

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