Common Mistakes to Avoid when Travelling in Australia

Australia is a pretty easy country to travel around, especially if you speak English, though every year tourists manage to make the same silly mistakes Down Under. You don’t need to do extensive research and preparation before travelling around Australia, though there are a few things you should watch out for. You will greatly increase your chances of having a great time in Australia if you avoid making the following mistakes.

Flying over Australia

Flying over Australia by Dave Sag

Skipping Travel Insurance

Australia might seem like a place where not too much could go wrong on your holiday, however if you think about it you’ll see that this totally isn’t the case. Between spending hours in the water getting tossed around by waves, the seemingly endless amount of deadly animals, and the wide array of thrill seeking sports on offer, this is a trip on which you’ll definitely want to at least have some cheap travel insurance. Spending a little on insurance before starting your trip could save you thousands if anything goes wrong, so whatever you do, don’t skip getting insured.

Underestimating The Sun

There is something about the sun in Australia that seems to be a lot more dangerous than anywhere else in the world, with this island nation home to the world’s highest rate of skin cancer. You are going to want to spend lots of time out in the sun though be careful not to underestimate how quickly and often you can get burnt. Nothing will write off a week of your holiday faster than a good burn, so continually apply sun cream and don’t let yourself become another bright red tourist.

Twelve Apostles Beach Australia

Twelve Apostles Beach by David Wulff

Not Going To See Some Sport

Whether you are a sport fan or not, if you want to get a proper look at Australian culture and society you really need to go to at least one sporting event while you are here. Some people make the mistake of thinking sport here will be the same as everywhere else, and end up missing out on a real Australian treat. Not only does Australia have a number of hugely popular sports which no one else in the world plays, but just the sheer love of sport, all sport, is something unmatched in the rest of the world. Stay at one of the great apartments in Brisbane and watch a game of footy at Lang Park, or go the massive MCG for the Boxing Day Test, but whatever you do, get out to a game while you are here.

Australian desert

Desert by Chip_2904

Drinking Too Much

Australian’s are pretty big drinkers, with the heat of the summer triggering most Aussies to be casually knocking back at least a few beers every day, not to mention when they actually go out drinking. Not everyone is used to drinking a lot and many make the mistake of getting swept up into the drinking culture of Australia and find themselves having more than a couple too many. No one is going to pressure you to drink more than you want to, so just be sure to take it easy and avoid ending up drinking yourself under the table.

Australia sunset

Australia sunset by Adrian Hon

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