Miami Beach Launches Innovative API platform

We are definitely in a web 2.0 era right now or maybe an even higher version, but that is not the the most important aspect. What matters is that more and more people are online, and more and more businesses and institutions try to offer them really interesting things to see while connected. Miami Beach aims to lure tech events and conventions to the city with its new – and one of a kind they say – API (Application Programming Interface).


Tourists will be able to find  various places near their position based on their needs while traveling. Local parks, restaurants, basketball courts, hotels, they will all be just a click away on their smartphone. This interesting API allows developers to use existing (and real-time) Miami Beach data in order to create applications with various focuses such as shopping, entertainment, dining, arts, nightlife, sports, and so forth.

“It’s no coincidence that Miami Beach is the first city in the country to invest in a content management system of this kind. We may be a City by the beach but Miami Beach is more than fun in the sun,” said Jeff Lehman, Chair, MBVCA. “We take technology seriously and our investment in the sector is designed to take our destination to the next level and provide real-time information residents and visitors can use to have the best experience in our City.”

“Miami Beach is 100 steps ahead of other cities around the world in providing technological transparency like this for businesses, public spaces, and transportation hubs,” explained Shawn Moore whose company Solodev is working with the MBVCA to develop the API.

This innovative API platform will support third-party mobile application development for several operating systems and devices – iOS (Apple), Android and Blackberry – allowing programmers access to data directly from Miami Beach. The resulting apps are aimed both at residents and tourists and hope to make the area more attractive – and tech friendly – for them.