Mexico Sets New Yearly Tourism Record

Mexico new Mayan calendar

by Javier Martin Espartosa

Close to 23 million international travelers visited Mexico in 2011, setting a new tourism record for the North American country. This record breaking year  brought a 2% increase in the number of international travelers that came to Mexico in the previous year, a 5.7% higher number than in 2009 and it also managed to surpass the previous high score of 2008, which historically was the country’s best year for international tourism.

“We are overjoyed that Mexico has broken our longstanding record with regard to international visitation,” said Rodolfo Lopez-Negrete, Chief Operating Officer of the Mexico Tourism Board, “these figures clearly demonstrate that the bold diversification strategy we have implemented, promoting a broad tourism offering and targeting an expanded breed of global consumer, is succeeding.”

Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism has made huge efforts over the years to attract more diverse tourists to the country. As a result, countries such as Brazil, Russia, China, Colombia, Italy, Australia, Great Britain, France, Japan and Canada all sent a significantly higher number of visitors compared to 2010. While their attempts to diversify the countries that boost Mexican tourism were successful, a large number of international travelers came from the USA, which is still the country where Mexico is the most popular international destination. Even if the economic climate took its tool and the number of US tourists decreased in 2011, the country is still the top source for visitors to Mexico.


In 2012, the Ministry of Tourism plans to focus on promoting the start of new Mayan calendar and capitalizing on this event to attract more tourists to the five states that represent the cradle of the Mayan World - Quintana Roo, Campeche, Tabasco, Chiapasand the Yucatan.


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  1. George Mobbs says:

    I believe that Mexico is considered to be in North America, not Central America.

  2. You would be quite right! Someone needed a bit more coffee that day 🙂

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