Tourism Malaysia Targets Wealthy Travelers from Indonesia, China and India

Tourism Malaysia’s international marketing experts are busy developing and implementing strategies to catch the eyes of rich tourists from Asian countries such as Indonesia, China, India or African countries. They are mainly targeting large cities, with millions of inhabitants that could make it easy for them to spot those willing to spend large amounts on trips to Malaysia.

“Indonesia, China and India are highly populated. So we can capture a larger market base,” said international marketing division director for South Asia, West Asia and Africa, Zulkifly Md Said. “Through this strategy, we hope to get more tourist arrivals and hopefully increase the length of stay and tourist receipts.”

India is one of the key markets for Tourism Malaysia, as it currently ranks sixth in the country’s top 10 markets that send large numbers of visitors to this Asian destination. While in 2011 the numbers did not increase spectacularly, there was a steady growth - 690,849 tourist arrivals from India in 2010 and 693,056 arrivals in 2011. Yet the start of 2012 is quite promising with a 7.8% increse in the first 5 months alone.


The results were also generated by Tourism Malaysia’s decision to open three offices in India. They are also currently investing heavily in training programs for their Indian employees and plan a late summer – early autumn campaign to stimulate arrivals from India.


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