Luxury Krakow: Europe’s Winter Gem at Budget Prices


It’s the month of continuous, vibrant celebrations and pick-me-up vacations, when the best and boldest cities see the most significant number of visitors if you look at the colossal inflow of vacationers in London, Paris, Berlin, Brugge, Vienna, and more Christmassy destinations. All this hype around the most famed ones brings an unbeatable advantage to those seeking justifiably priced retreats, astounding experiences in offering places, and lesser-known spots to visit and engage in the provided activities.

The Polish capital, Krakow, has been designated Europe’s most budget-friendly winter destination for the third year, yet the number of visitors hasn’t decreased. Out of the 11 million crossing Krakow’s borders two years ago, according to Statista, a substantial number entered the city to enjoy some relaxing, distressing, and enchanting days in the city known as the Polish Meca.

Being budget-conscious doesn’t mean being a skimp, just like fairly-priced restaurants, accommodations, and overall facilities don’t equal “kitschy” or “humdrum” ones. From the sophisticated hotels near famed attractions to food tours, here are the things you can have on your list should you want to splurge mindfully, because yes, Krakow can be a highly luxurious destination assuming you’re knowledgeable of the best places.

A Plethora of Supremely Chic Restaurants

Szara Ges, Trzy Rybki, and Amarylis are some of the most visited and offered eating establishments you must see at least once in Krakow. Some offer Michelin-advised dishes; others excel in contemporary meals with international influences. In contrast, others will transport you back in time with spin-offs of traditional food or carefully preserved recipes accumulated through generations.

Finding your most suitable spot won’t cost, and rest assured, it won’t take a lengthy time. Suppose you’ll read more about installing and setting up your virtual card to access the internet everywhere you go and find reviews and ratings about the eateries you cross by on the spot. You’re in for a strategically and knowledgeably prepared food journey.

Food Tours And tastings

What better way of delving into the history of such a terrific place than by discovering the lesser-explored and authentic facets of its traditional and modern culinary heritage? Food tours offer one of the most enriching ways of deep learning about a place. Through the lens of gastronomy, you can find answers to some of the most pervasive and pressing perplexities about Krakow and Polish people, such as the reason behind their ongoing discontent with the quality and taste of their bread.

You can often observe Poles nostalgically recalling the taste of 70’s food . Still, you find it likely confusing how someone could yearn for some cuisine and goods associated with scarcity and unjustifiably high prices back then. Similarly, there’s a saying suggesting that you shouldn’t trust any invitation to coffee in Krakow, which raises eyebrows and can be deciphered only through such discovery tours.

Food tours in Krakow are some of the most enthralling ways to satisfy more needs than that of sampling delicious food, namely finding out valuable pieces of info and truths about the city’s history, modern lifestyle and struggles, which is why some consider the Polish food bland and flavorless. In contrast, others praise it over the UK one and others intriguing beliefs and conceptions.

Discovering a locale’s food in depth translates to unearthing substantial pieces of their history in the most enthralling way possible, so take some time to explore the opportunities available in Krakow. Food tours are unfolding in destinations like the Kazimierz district, serving local favorites, through the Old Town and Krakow’s Royal Route and other food locations, where you can try samples ranging from the ubiquitous dumplings to the revered Polish vodka.


The Most Lavish And Stylish Hotels in Krakow

Probably one of the main elements that set a luxurious trip apart from any other one is represented by the place where you spend your evenings after a long day of visiting the surroundings, the atmosphere you wake up to, and its whole reputation. In some of the lavish hotels around Krakow, you’ll hardly need to be anywhere else in the city than that fine hot spa, relaxing lounge, or inviting bedroom. These provide the best and most amenities you need so that your luggage will be as lightweight as possible, having you needing to equip only some of your favorite outfits, your Holafly eSIM for connectivity all around the clock, and your bathing suits.

Without further ado, your one-of-a-kind trip to Krakow can’t be complete without spending your vacation in a high-end hotel, so let’s check the most famed ones around.

Hotel Copernicus

This massively picked spot for the spa and top-class dining offered that is equaled by no other hotel puts at visitors’ disposal 29 sumptuous rooms encompassing all the facilities one would need while away. The rooms are decorated in warm wood, and some suits even hold centuries-old hand-painted frescos to enchant the artistic eye. The hotel is located near Wawel Castle and in a 14th-century renaissance building on the oldest street in the city. It features vintage interiors with swimming pools, a spa, and a sauna under vaulted ceilings. Visitors can have Michelin-recommended food in the establishment’s restaurant and enjoy the view from the upper terrace overlooking the city.


Bonerowski Palace

At only 100m from the city center and built in a centuries-old tenement, the Bonerowski Palace shapes the exact image of a luxuriant, regal experience. The 18 bookable rooms come with an 8-century history. Yet, their interiors will transport you to the 19th century, decked with heavy skills, floral wallpapers, lavish fabrics, elegant vintage furnishings and polished parquet floors. The Palace’s restaurant, where guests can opt from and serve a myriad of refined dishes, lies near the square and the famous St John’s Jazz and Wine Club, so you’ll engage in outstanding experiences in the vicinity of your hotel. The Amalia Brasserie, for instance, is one of the most luring restaurants and the main attraction of the city’s Main Street Square, renowned for both French cuisine and contemporary Polish dishes.


First-rate furnishing and facilities with unostentatious and low-key qualitative room elements draw travelers looking for sleek modern atmospheres to the Puro Hotel. The public areas exude a funky yet laid back atmosphere rooted in the 1950s and will transport the guests into a modern and minimalist setting. Lavish retreats and relaxation are best found here in one of the 228 stylish suites and rooms filled with lights, and if the brightness seems to take away your intimacy, you can always draw the curtains. An opulent trifecta consisting of a bar, spa, and restaurant awaits the contemporary traveler looking for a fusion between style and sophistication in their accommodation.

Creepy Krakow walking tours, wine tours and tastings, Zakopane tours and thermal hot bath pools are other valuable additions to write down on your must-visit and do list for your luxuriant trip, so what are you going to pick and which offering piqued the most of your attention?