Long-Term Hungary Visa Requirements For Digital Nomads


Hungary can be found at the center of Europe and is increasingly becoming an attractive destination for digital nomads. The reason why Hungary has gained popularity among remote workers is its rich past, lively culture, and low cost of living. In the present age, where being a digital nomad is not just a fad but a way of life, it becomes vital to understand intricacies related to immigration procedures, such as visa requirements. Most people are aware of the common tourist visa, but Hungary’s long-term visa differs in terms of opportunities and obligations. The objective of this article is to explain the specific conditions, from documents to itinerary for visa required for obtaining a long-term visa in Hungary, that should be observed by digital nomads who wish to live in this beautiful nation without encountering hitches along the way, including the requirements for an unmarried partner visa.

Understanding the Long-Term Visa for Hungary

Hungary introduced a long-term visa for tourists who want to remain for at least three months. Unlike other visas that generally have the maximum permitted duration of stay within 180 days, the long-stay or long-term visa has no such limits and, therefore, is ideal for digital nomads who may want to be living in Hungary like a Hungarian for a more prolonged period.

This visa is for entrepreneurs and self-employed people who work online in Hungary but are paid elsewhere. Note that this visa is not a residence permit and requires extra documentation. Digital nomads changing Germany for Hungary have to know the distinctions between the two types of stays.

Eligibility Criteria for Digital Nomads

Concerning the procedure for obtaining a long-term visa in Hungary, there are certain requirements that digital nomads must fulfill. Applicants must show that the majority of their remote job profits are for companies or clients outside Hungary. This is to make sure that the person holding a visa does not take up local employment as required by the visa.

Furthermore, candidates should display an assured continuous source of money to cater for their stay in Hungary. This means bank statements or contracts should indicate a regular flow of income. A digital nomad must have health insurance to avoid overburdening the Hungarian healthcare system. While living as a digital nomad is flexible, the Hungarian government has severe financial and health requirements for long-term visas.

Required Documents

The application for a long-term visa to Hungary as a digital nomad involves a comprehensive set of documents to establish your eligibility and intent. Key among these are:

Valid Passport:

Your passport should be valid for three months longer from the date you plan to stay in Hungary.

Proof of Income:

This can take the form of tax returns, bank statements, or contracts to show a steady flow of income.

Health Insurance:

Full health insurance coverage for your entire period abroad.

Accommodation Details:

You need to provide evidence of where you will be staying while in Hungary; this may be a rental agreement or hotel reservation papers.

Criminal Record Check:

Get a certificate showing that you have not committed any crime while living in your home country or any other state within the past five years, exceeding one year.

Itinerary for Visa:

This is supposed to depict activities planned during the stay and indicate an understanding of visa restrictions on jobs within the territory. A critical document like an itinerary for a visa shows purpose as well as a plan of stay, thereby reinforcing the status of being a digital nomad.

These documents collectively help in painting a comprehensive picture of your intent, means, and readiness to abide by the Hungarian visa regulations.

Application Process

The process for applying for a long-term visa to Hungary is simple but meticulous. Digital nomads should follow these steps in order to have a smooth application:

Collect All Necessary Documents:

Prior to starting the application, ensure that you have all the relevant documents, such as your passport, proof of income, health insurance, accommodation details, criminal record check, and visa itinerary.

Visit the Nearest Hungarian Embassy or Consulate:

Applications for long-term visas must be submitted in person at a Hungarian embassy or consulate.


Always look into special requirements and appointment availability at your local embassy.

Submit Your Application and Pay the Fee:

In addition to this documentation, you will need to complete the visa application form and pay the appropriate visa fee. The cost varies depending on your nationality and type of visa.

Attend the Visa Interview:

A visa interview is normally part of this procedure. At this point, your itinerary for a visa will be gone, as well as any other document provided. It is during the interview that one gets an opportunity to explain his/her plans in Hungary and how he/she qualifies as a digital nomad.

Wait for Processing:

Once you are done with the interview, processing of your application takes place, which can take up to several weeks. During this period, submit your background information.

Costs and Processing Time

The amount of money and the duration for processing a visa to Hungary for a long term could differ depending on various parameters, though not exclusively limited to your origin, kind of visa, and other requirements in the Hungarian embassies or consulates when one applies. Generally, candidates can expect;

Visa Fees:

The cost of applying for a long-term visa is usually close to the following figure, but an applicant must check with a Hungarian embassy or consulate for any changes that may occur in the fees. This fee is residual if any process fails even after payment.

Processing Time:

The time it takes to process this type of visa varies significantly, but it typically lasts for a few weeks. Plan early enough so as to allow delays that might be experienced. There are times when processing may have to take longer due to the high demand for travel or the number of applicants.

It is recommended that you keep tabs on your application since the embassy or consulate may require you to submit more information or documents than those already given at the first stage. Headway preparedness helps facilitate smooth application processes when conditions are met and met precisely.

Living in Hungary as a Digital Nomad

Hungary unlocks a wealth of opportunities and experiences for digital nomads once they obtain a long-term visa that is. These are some points about Hungary that make it attractive:

Affordable Cost of Living:

As compared to other European nations, Hungary has a relatively cheap cost of living, which is good for digital nomads who have got to manage their expenses.

High-Speed Internet Connectivity:

To work online, one needs excellent internet connectivity, which Hungary guarantees.

Rich Cultural Heritage:

Whether one wants to explore the historical streets in Budapest or the fertile countryside, the country has a great cultural and historical heritage that makes it an ideal place for anyone who would like to learn about Europe’s traditions.

Expanding Digital Nomad Community:

An increasing number of digital nomads are opting for Hungary, which leads to networking and socialising possibilities among such people, as well as offering support and friendship.

Central Location in Europe:


Anyone who loves traveling should consider choosing Hungary because it is central enough in Europe, thus serving as a good base when eaxploring other countries within this region.

Living in Hungary as a digital nomad allows for a balanced lifestyle in which work, adventure, and cultural immersion coexist.


Digital nomads are increasingly choosing Hungary because of its open visa regulations, low cost of living, and cultural diversity. In order to apply for a Hungarian visa, interested applicants have to satisfy certain requirements and have the complete set of documents (consisting of a visa itinerary). Budapest’s lively streets and Hungary’s rural stillness make it a good work-travel destination. This country has something distinctive for those who want a steady job and vacation time in Europe.