Coming This Year: Easy Planning for Fun Times With BestInform, Your All-In-One Booking Assistant

Coming This Year: Easy Planning for Fun Times With BestInform, Your All-In-One Booking Assistant

Ever wished you could organize your adventures, book a table at your favorite restaurant, secure your flight, get museum tickets, rent a sports field or car, or grab tickets to a concert or play, all in one place? Well, we’ve got good news for you! BestInform, a fresh online platform, makes all of this not only possible but super easy. Launching by the end of this year, Bestinform is set to change the game for how you plan your weekends, vacations, business trips, and even your local nights out.

Introducing BestInform: The Smarter, All-In-One Way to Plan Your Leisure Time and Travels

BestInform was built with a single mission: to make it super easy for you to plan your leisure time and any type of travel, whether it’s a holiday or a business trip. At its core, it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to serve you the best options out there. It’s like having a personal assistant that knows exactly what you like and lets you book whatever you need, all in one spot.

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Here’s how it works: you sign up with BestInform, pick your location and dates, and voila! The app will show you all the cool stuff you can do and book right away:

  • Flights to your destination and comfy places to stay, like hotels or guesthouses;
  • Restaurants and food spots, with an option to reserve a table;
  • Events like concerts, sports, and art shows, and yes, you can buy tickets through the app;
  • Unique experiences, from gourmet dining to outdoor adventures;
  • Practical needs, like renting a car or booking a sports field.

Bestinform is for everybody, not just for travelers. If you’re looking for something fun to do, whether you’re a globe-trotter, a business person on the move, a solo explorer, a group of friends, or a digital nomad working all over the world, this app is your buddy.

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What’s more, the AI in Bestinform is like your personal genie. It learns what you like and gives you personalized options. That means you’re always in the loop about experiences you’ll love, as well as sweet deals from our partners in the hospitality and restaurant industry.

For our partners, being on BestInform means more visibility and better sales. Our smart AI will match their services with users most likely to be interested in what they offer. It’s a win-win for everyone.

So get ready to simplify your life starting this year with Bestinform – your new go-to for finding and booking fun!