3 Reasons Not to Travel You Should Really Ditch

I had big plans for 2014. Big travel plans and at least half of those will not happen. The biggest thing that I had scheduled for next year that will have to be postponed was spending my birthday in Tokyo. It would have been my first trip to Japan and I was looking forward to it in a big way. It will have to wait till 2015 and I have a big, important, not-to-be-ignored reason for it. Still, having to change my plans in such a big way had me thinking about the most common excuses I used to travel less than I should and how I should just stop. Really! Most of them are easy fixes.


So here are the three most frequently used excuses to pass on an opportunity to travel:

1. Time

We do complain about a lack of time when it comes o most anything. Everyone is in a rush, we have nothing to spare, taking time off, plus what’s needed to plan the trip, plus the whole getting back to work mode phase, it’s all too much! I say that’s just an excuse. We all have to take a break now and then. We just have to stop and relax. And if there is no other way, take your work with you.

Remember my trip from last year? I spent a whole month driving around Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, and a lot of other countries in between by main destinations and I did work during the trip. 2-3 hours every day, it’s not that hard. Sure, you don’t feel like it, yes, it’s harder than just an easy trip with nothing to do, but it keeps you traveling!

2. Money

Ah, the dreaded funds one needs to travel! We all know about this tidbit. Travel is expensive, the mantra we all love to hate. The thing is… travel can be as expensive as you need it to be. You can book your flight, hotel, tours in advance and get great prices. Or you can see this awesome last minute offer and just go with it.

A great travel experience can mean low cost flights, hostels, couch surfing, planning to be there during events such as free museum entrance on a certain day or night. Plus there are ways to get the money you need. You can find a job where you travel (teaching is a big hit), you can take your work with you if you freelance and don’t want a sudden decrease in your funds, you can save, or you can try to fund travel with personal loans.

If that’s still not enough, you can limit your travel to local, weekend getaways. It will keep the travel bug tamed till you figure something else out!

3. Lack of travel partners

No one is willing or able to travel when you can. It happens! Solo travel is something a lot of people regard with reluctance. What would I even do there on my own? Wouldn’t I get bored? Isn’t it dangerous? We’ve all had to answer these questions.

The truth is you are never alone if you don’t want to be. You can make new friends, meet up with people who have moved where you want to travel to, join a group for tours, or just go with a travel agency that includes you in a group for the whole trip. Sometimes it’s just awfully cool to just wander around on your own, you should not dismiss it so quickly!


What other excuses do you make to skip your travel plans?