JetBlue Partners with Icelandair to Expand Air Travel Routes

JetBlue Airways has just announced its new interline partnership with Icelandair at an event held in New York. The collaboration between the two air carriers expands the flight options their customers have when traveling between United States and Caribbean destinations covered by JetBlue and the Scandinavian, British and Continental Europe airports where Icelandair operates.

As a result of the interline partnership, customers of both airlines can now book a single combined ticked including flights operated by both JetBlue and Icelandair and benefit from one-stop check-in and baggage transfers. Starting this week, the new combined tickets will be available for booking through travel agents, online or through Icelandair’s reservation call center.

“We’re pleased to welcome Icelandair to the JetBlue network as our tenth partner airline,” saidScott Resnick, JetBlue’s director of airline partnerships. “With its reputation for quality service, a comfortable in-flight experience, and an impressive array of connections across Scandinavia and throughout Europe via Reykjavik, teaming up with Icelandair is a great win for customers.”

The list of cities JetBlue and Icelandair customers can fly between is quite impressive, including Chicago, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Boston, New York/JFK, Reykjavik, Billund, Copenhagen, Bergen, Oslo, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Glasgow,London and Paris. The new partnership also offers stopovers in Iceland at no additional airfare, allowing travelers to explore the country’s natural beauty and many attractions.


“Icelandair and JetBlue share many of the same philosophies and place the customer’s experience in the highest regard,” said Helgi Mar Bjorgvinsson, Icelandair’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our harmonious networks from New York, Boston andWashington, D.C. and like-minded customer service make this a natural partnership. Together we will open a new world of opportunities for customers traveling from the United States and theCaribbean to Iceland, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and Continental Europe. We look forward to working together and strengthening our relationship into the future.”

As it is only an interline agreement, customers of the two airlines will not be able to claim reciprocal frequent-flier benefits. According to USA Today, unlike other low-cost carriers, JetBlue has been recently focusing on expanding its network of interline partners, which has now reached 10 air carriers.

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