Wildlife adventure in Indian National Parks – an incredible experience

The curiosity of discovering the wildlife of India is spread among millions of adventure lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. Each wildlife refuge of India holds unique and distinctive characteristics to engage the travelers from the different nooks of the globe. Having distinct and endangered species of flora and fauna, the national parks in India tender one an opportunity to explore the nature’s beauty and superb views of the surroundings besides the adventure tour. Adventure is one of the most happening things of wildlife sanctuary that impresses and astounds the travelers to the extreme.

A wish to experience the true wilderness of jungle can get fulfilled with the three different types of safari. Elephant safari, Jeep safari and Canter safari has to be on every traveler’s list seeking an unadulterated thrill. One can relish these safaris likely at all the illustrious and eminent wildlife sanctuaries of India, which have created connotation and rendered the fabulous experience of life span.

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Let’s take a sneak peek into all the safaris in detail:

Elephant Safari

The experience of elephant safari in the wildlife sanctuaries of India is incredible and marvelous. Tourists from different parts of the world throng to India to ride on the magnificent mammal instilling them with an imperial feeling. Coated in blue, pink and yellow color with vibrant jewelry and clothes; elephant’s backs have balcony like arrangement stuffed cushions for comfort. The elephant safari is the most desirable way to experience the royal and flawless beauty seizing the attention of the visitors. Walking through the deep valleys, thick forests along with the voice of silver bells on the ankles of the elephants will add adventure to the tourist’s tour. Each elephant accommodate three people at a time and enable the vacationers to have a glimpse of India’s diverse and wide natural exquisiteness.

Jeep Safari

A Jeep safari is an excellent option to pick as it covers a huge distance in a short period of time. Moreover, it is one of the protected safaris anybody would go for while in wildlife sanctuary. Taking the travelers through the untouched trails and allowing the aboard passengers to sight the assorted famed creatures in their natural habitat, Jeep Safari carries six people at one time. One doesn’t have to fright of any danger as the authorized driver and tour guide stays along with the sightseers until the excursion of wildlife ends.

Jeep Safari with Guide

Canter Safari

Scouting the distinctive wild species at the different corners of the jungle can be enjoyed more beautifully and magnificently by getting into the canter safari, taking more than 18 people deep in the woods. Spotting the fauna like sloth beer, leopards, jungle cat, crocodile, tigers and many more, this could be one of the best experiences for paradise lovers and wildlife photographers.

The 20-seater 'Canter' safari vehicle

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