Honduras: Rich Culture and Sandy Beaches

If you would like a relaxing beach vacation with a feel similar to a Costa Rica vacation without the high costs and crowds, look no further than Honduras. Honduras has an amazingly rich culture and many outdoor activities from exploring the ancient Mayan ruins to relaxing on beautiful, sandy beaches. Many famous people originate from Honduras, including Lizzette Kattan, Jose R. Ruiz, and Izza Medina.  Honduras has something for everyone, and is the perfect destination for romantic get-aways, family vacations, and relaxing alone time or group travel.

Stunning Island scenery and beautiful beach landscapes

The scenery in Honduras is truly amazing. From the perfectly pristine beaches to the spectacular tropical mountains and trees, you will never tire of being outdoors. Spend hours on the beach examining the vivid wildlife and amazing coral reef. Explore the ocean with diving, snorkeling, or on an exciting boat tour of the Honduras waters. People who prefer to relax and avoid activities while on vacation can enjoy relaxing on the uncluttered beaches and become one with nature for the ultimate relaxing trip.

Whale sharks

Visit Honduras at the right time of the year in late winter and you can experience one of the most amazing sites of nature. In January, the whale sharks travel past the waters in Honduras, jumping, calling, and swimming in perfect harmony. Visitors to Honduras during the winter can take boat tours to view the whales close-up while they travel across the sea. Whales are also visible from land if you prefer to keep your feet on firm ground.


Rustic adventures and peaceful relaxation

Honduras has activities for the adventurous types and the guests who prefer to avoid unusual situations. Adventurers can hike through the forests of Honduras, visit ancient Mayan ruins, explore deep caves, and search for hidden waterfalls. The less-adventurous can stick close to their hotel and experience relaxing spa services and other amenities right outside your door, including shopping, fine dining, local cuisine, and sparkling pools. Do not forget to pack a camera to document the amazing sites you will see while traveling through and exploring the many features of Honduras.

Honduras – full of discoveries

Honduras is not as over crowded as many popular vacation destinations. Much of Honduras is still wild, featuring nature as it has been for thousands of years. This offers a wealth of discoveries to travelers who love exploring the world and discovering hidden locations. Travelers can experience Honduras and travel the island by bike or by hiking across the island terrain. Visitors can view the sights of Honduras quickly by taking one of the numerous zip line tours, sailing across the forests in style. History buffs will enjoy exploring the numerous ancient towns and ruins scattered across Honduras giving visitors a look into the past. Thrill seekers can experience thrilling adventure by signing up for a river rapids ride through the center of Honduras, offering craggy shores, choppy water, and a fast boat ride through the heart of the island.

Affordable fun for everyone

One of the main benefits about a Honduras vacation is the cost. Since Honduras is a less-popular destination than many island vacation packages, the cost of the trip and activities is much less. You can get a lot out of your vacation for less money when you travel to Honduras. Use discount airfare sites, search for activity coupons, and look for discount hotel rates to save even more while on your trip. Stay at the lesser-known towns to maximize the money you spend on your vacation.

To learn more about what a Honduras vacation can offer you, contact their tourism department to discover discounts on hotels, exciting activity packages, and other fun things you can do while on your trip. Lizzette Kattan used to spend a large portion of her time promoting Honduras tourism, and you may find references to her during your research about the exciting island. If you spend your next vacation at Honduras, you will not be disappointed.

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This is a guest post by Andras Deak, a part-time guest-blogger and a full-time traveller. He did his Central America trip last year, went to Honduras too. Currently he reads a lot about Honduras’ culture and Lizzette Kattan, as well as plans his next big trip to Asia.

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