Top 10 Walking And Hiking Holidays

Top 10 Walking And Hiking Holidays

Hiking and walking holidays are great. If you are a person who loves such type of holidays, put on your hiking boots in readiness for a great experience. Here is a look at the top 10 walking and hiking holidays in the world you should know of.

1. Great Smoky Mountains, U.S.

Long regarded as the familial homeland of Cherokee Indians, the Great Smoky Mountains, is a region endowed with pioneer history and natural diversity. In 1934, this area was launched as a national park and today it spans a wonderful 500,000 acres, making it the biggest wilderness area of eastern United States.

This place is wonderful for walking holidays thanks to its many tree species, varieties of flowering plants, different types of birds and waterfalls among other things.

2. Quebec, Canada

A walking holiday all through this northern wonderland reveals cultural and natural treasures. Saguenay Fjord estuary is an exceptional ecosystem where fresh water combines with sea tide, creating a special environment for this journey. Granite peaks, high gorges, brilliant lakes, hanging waterfalls, snow geese and eagles are all common sights.

3. Cinque Terre, Italy

Visualize walking a spectacular coastal trail with mountains on one side, Mediterranean on the other, and the Italian fishing villages just in front. Cinque Terre gives you this experience five times better. There are footpaths in captivating region, and a visit here will give you a great experience.

4. Cloud Forests of Costa Rica

Cloud forests are forests that are typically found near the coastal mountain tops and are covered in clouds all through most of the year. Walking through Costa Rica cloud forests represents the crucial encounters with boundless variety of nature. Walking gives you a chance to explore a lot in this area.

Top 10 Walking And Hiking Holidays

5. Southwest Ireland

Timeworn trails invite walkers into a globe of captivating and splendour legends at the westernmost point of British Isles. The historic past of Ireland comes alive in southwest area where ancient castles and abbeys stand along quaint country homes. This is a great holiday destination for walkers and hikers.

6. The Oregon Trail

This historic trail, extending from Independence to Oregon City, was way west for 300,000 emigrants for over 20 years from 1841. Currently the trail, passing through 2,170 miles of road, comprises 125 historic spots and numerous opportunities for hikes and walks.

7. Crete

Faraway enclaves accessible only by boat or foot distinguish this island holiday destination. You will walk past coves that are hidden, follow cobbled pathways and descend into hidden gorges to snow-white beaches and Venetian castles on a deep blue ocean.

8. Bhutan

Ancient citadels ascend on the horizon. Carved wood farmhouses and Buddhist temples are discovered alongside fertile valleys. Rivers flowing swiftly dash across a landscape that is open, the snow-capped Himalaya tower in the distance. This is a great destination for a walking holiday.

9. Switzerland

Spirits rise at the view of the alpine scenery; and what better area to walk than above breathtaking mountains. The median altitude of 4,428 exceeds many of the top peaks elsewhere. There are many things to explore here for walkers and hikers.

10. Nova Scotia, Canada

Rugged shorelines and dark green hills create superb scenery for walking escapades in this maritime gem. Trails lead via the heart of the impressive Cape Breton Highlands National Park. This area gives you a chance to walk via fishing communities with profound Scottish roots, in segregated meadows, alongside craggy coasts as well as on cobblestone beaches.

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