Canada, Favorite Travel Destination for Thousands of Tourists

Parliament Hill in Canada's capital, Ottawa

Canada has just been named favorite travel destination among the top countries tourists wan to visit. In a recent survey by FutureBrand on 3,400 travelers, Canada ranked first, the number one go-to country for those seeking a location for their next trip. It is the first time Canada is the top destination in the FutureBrand top after a steady climb over the past five years from the 12th position.

The announcement was made in an overview of the FutureBrand top quoted by the Vancouver Sun. The full report will be released on Thursday, November 11th in London.

Vancouver Sun also explored the reasons which led Canada to become the favorite travel destination for tourists around the globe. Last year’s edition of the Winter Olympics and the smartly targeted marketing by the Canadian Tourism Commission are the factors with the greatest impact on the top results.

Canada markets its tourism by offering international travelers unique opportunities to experience the spirit of this large country – being the only person skating on a frozen lake at dawn, up close encounters with polar bears, all this mixed with luxurious first-class hotels, multicultural cities, and chefs preparing delicious meals, some of them the best in the world.

The CTC  is also running its own surveys on travelers exposed to Canada’s campaign.

Four months after people see the ads, they are asked whether they visited Canada and, if so, how much they spent. Based on that, senior vice-president Greg Klassen says 290,000 Brits went from seeing the ads this year to spending $379 million in Canada. That’s 110,000 more visitors than the same period in 2009 and $123 million more in spending.
Results from Australia were also impressive — 70,000 moved from thinking about coming to Canada to actually doing it. That’s nearly twice as many as the first 10 months in 2009 and nearly twice the revenue. In Germany, 128,000 people went from thinking about coming to Canada to buying a ticket, up 30,000 from 2009 and an increase in revenue to $195.8 million.

Ranking first in the Futurebrand top will definitely increase exposure for Canadian tourism. We’re quite anxious to see their results after the mixed free PR and ongoing marketing campaign.

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