Tasmanian White Water Adventure with Franklin River Rafting

As you know, we’ve had a couple of articles on Australia last week, one of them depicting 5 ultimate experiences you should try when traveling to this particular destination. One of those was rafting on the Franklin River in Tasmania. Through this article, I got to virtually meet the very nice people of Franklin River Rafting. As a mountain trekking, paragliding enthusiast, sky diving wannabe, one could say I have a thing for adventure as apart of the travel experience.


But, as it happens in my case, I am sure a lot of people would like to try a lot of adrenalin pumping experiences without the hassle of having to buy all the equipment needed. Cause when it comes to sports and adventure, no matter what you pick up, you still need to invest in training, gear, safety precautions and so on.


What Franklin River Rafting does is organize 8 or 10 day adventure tours that allow you to do just that, raft along the river, enjoying the white water rush, the unique feeling of spending the trip in the great outdoors and it’s all as practical as you need it be. The 8 day tour is designed so that you don’t take more than 5 days off from work.


The Franklin River Rafting tours sound a bit like the adventure side’s all-inclusive: gear, frugal accommodation, tasty meals, access to Tasmanian parks and wildlife reserves. You get to just raft your way along the entire Franklin River and there’s no previous experience needed for this journey of uninterrupted fun. If non stop rafting is not enough for your sporty and adventurous side, you’ll be happy to know the 10 day tours include attempting to conquer the 1443 high Frenchmans Cap.

So, what do you think? Is this the right adventure travel experience for you? I’m definitely planning on trying it out!

Photos courtesy of Franklin River Rafting