Enjoying a Farm Holiday in Tuscany

A vacation abroad has many joyful traits that make it enticing to people with different tastes. Everything from skiing in the Alps to a romantic Parisian excursion to sampling the best Amsterdam has to offer are just a few examples of great holiday ideas.

Beyond these typical popular destination ideas, the cozy comforts of a farm home can be just as appealing as a holiday. If you have never been on a farm holiday or think you would enjoy it as a getaway, Tuscany would be a great place to be. To start with, there are gorgeous landscapes and locations that really bring out that feeling of an authentic rustic Italian countryside experience.

The Fruits of the Land

On a typical farm holiday in Tuscany, there could be many things that you and your family could enjoy doing & experiencing. For example, harvesting the grapes with the host family could be an excellent way to experience firsthand the typical local countryside and its natural splendor. Liberal home-made wine tasting is a very common thing during farm holidays while cooking classes are an experience not to be missed to learn and enjoy some of the best foods that Tuscany has to offer.

Fields of Gold

Horseback riding or hiking through bike trails are also some of things that you can look for on your farm holiday in Tuscany. The rolling hills and warm summers of the Italian countryside are an untapped wealth of adventure and fun, with many host families incorporating their guests into every aspect of the day’s regular activities. Become a natural inhabitant of Tuscany, if only for a few days. Or, if nothing else suits your fancy, you can spend your farm holiday in Tuscany enjoying the quiet intimacy of a countryside abode with little to no interruption. To cool down during the hot summers, many host families have also added pools to their farm houses for the guests as well.


A place in the Sun to return to

For a great holiday that has all you could ever want, you should look no further than a farm holiday in Tuscany. The rolling hills and endless grapevines make some of the most serene and wonderful sights around. From horseback riding, to wine tasting, to simply relaxing in the warm Tuscany sun, there is something for everyone. If you are looking for a location rich in history and equally abundant in quiet country life, Tuscany is the place to be so much so that some people end up staying there and choose it as their second home!

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