Ash Cloud from Chile Reaches New Zealand, Disrupts Air Travel

The ash cloud from Chile’s Puyehue volcano will be reaching New Zealand today and according to recent travel warnings, it will most likely affect flights in and out of the country. When the warning to all airlines operating in New Zealand had been issued, the ash cloud was till more than 9,000 kilometres away, but traveling fast and bound to reach the country later on Saturday.

The Puyehue volcano in Chile erupted on Saturday, June 4th, and has since disrupted air travel to and from South America. Since the eruption, the ash cloud has already traveled  9,400 kilometres across the Atlantic and towards the New Zealand because of strong winds carrying it at a fast pace.

According to the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority, the plumes expected to reach the country were carried at 20,000-30,000 feet, the cruising levels for both jet and turboprop aircraft, therefore affecting all air traffic. As Puyehue is still erupting, the resulting ash cloud is expected to affect New Zealand air travel for at least a week.

Since the eruption, the ash cloud has been disrupting flights in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and other South American countries and airports, taking its toll on global international travel and delaying leisure, business and diplomatic trips.

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