Cruise Critic’s Top 10 Destinations by Boat

Cruise Critic, one of the go-to online resource sites for cruise reviews and details, has just announced its list of best 10 destinations by boat. Here’s quick review of who they thought was the best in the boat trip world:

  1. Australia – for its lazy cruises along the East Cost, with popular stops such as the Great Barrier Reef or Sydney harbor.
  2. Vietnam/Cambodia, which are generally hot destinations for 2011. Great cruises along the Mekong River are at the top of Cruise Critic’s list
  3. The Middle East – cruises generally include several countries in the region in their regular trips
  4. Alaska – cruises allowing you to relax and enjoy this pristine region, while enjoying up close and personal sea wildlife encounters.
  5. South America – because nothing compares to exploring the ports in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and beyond from the comfort of a cruise ship
  6. Northern Europe – for the unique attractions of the Norwegian Fjords or of Russia’s very own St. Petersburg.
  7. Western Mediterranean – simply because we will never grow tired of cruising the Mediterranean
  8. British Isles – as the trip comes with a new perspective on the UK and cruises includes trips to off-the-beaten-path  places such as the Orkney Islands
  9. Europe Rivers – great tour of quite  a few countries while enjoying the all new and improved river cruise boats. The Romanian in me can’t help cheering on for the Danube 😀
  10. The Caribbean – the always trendy cruise destination that immediately reminds us of sun, beautiful island beaches and lingering in the warm waters.

Have you been on a cruise to any of these top 10 destinations by boat? What did you like most about it?

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