Shanghai Garden, My Favorite Chinese Restaurant in Bucharest

I have to share a little secret: Chinese food is something I learned to love. In the beginning of my life as a restaurant goer (when I was just starting high school), there were very few with this particular cuisine, and the best known were fast-food type of joints. Later on, I did try Chinese in several places, but it somehow didn’t touch my soul.

It took a trip to Germany and my friend Mihaela Lica-Butler taking me to a real Chinese restaurant to develop the taste. I’d tell you where that absolutely delicious place was… but it’s since been closed down. After my proper initiation, I started craving for Chinese food. I tried it again in Bucharest, then I got disappointed and quit altogether.

Shanghai Garden, Chinese Restaurant in Bucharest

A few years later (and that’s about 5 years ago) a client and friend of mine took me there for dinner. We were having a business meeting and he chose a place close to where he was staying while in Bucharest. That was my first time at Shanghai Garden. It was the first time Chinese food offered the same tasty experience as the restaurant that got me hooked on it! I was so thrilled, I couldn’t contain my joy. 


Since then, I’ve been to Shanghai Garden countless times and took about 15 people there (there might be more, but that’s irrelevant)! At that time, their menus were our a constant source of fun – part of them were in Romanian , Chinese and English and the other part… well, strictly Chinese. I always wondered what that was that the staff considered it too Chinese to tempt the locals…

Shanghai Garden confirmed another theory I have about restaurants. If they favor cuisine from a certain country or area, you know it’s good if people from that same region eat there frequently. If you’re not familiar with a certain cuisine, try discovering it on your own and then have someone from that country take you to the good restaurants. While your taste buds get refined, you’ll see I’m right 🙂

Shanghai Garden - Restaurant Interior

The Chinese restaurant in question is located in Pipera – an office building and residential area of Bucharest. Shanghai Garden is not an expensive place, but it’s not the cheapest either. However, if you go there during their special offer days and times (usually around lunch on weekdays), it will be even more convenient that it usually is. I haven’t been there in over a year (a mistake I need to correct), but two persons can enjoy a meal for about 30-40 US dollars (including drinks).

Unfortunately, their website is only in Romanian, but there is no reservation required. If you’re there during the summer, you have to have your meal in the garden! It’s refreshing and very pleasant.

Photos courtesy of Shanghai Garden. Check Facebook page for address, contact no, payment methods and more photos of their food. 

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  1. That good, and in Bucharest. 🙂 Glad to hear. There was a nice one in the past at Minerva. Is it still there?

  2. Yup, it is that good 🙂 I really don’t know anything about the place you’re talking about, but I can check 🙂

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