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Everything to know about Ecotourism

17 August 2020 Everything to know about Ecotourism Ecotourism is a kind of tourism that includes visits to undisturbed natural areas designed as a low level of commercial mass tourism. This means responsible travel to natural areas, protecting ... read more

The Top Things to See in Slovenia

6 July 2020 Slovenia Located between the border of Austria and Italy, in Central Europe, Slovenia is a land, culture, history, and stunning natural beauty. From castles to caves, Alpine rivers and valleys, Slovenia ... read more

4 Hiking Trails In Europe That You Would Want To Follow

27 April 2020 hiking Hiking is a beautiful way to connect with nature. Trails meandering through forests, occasionally passing by a stream, with birds chirping and sunshine peeking through the branches is an enchanting ... read more

5 Cold-Weather Packing Essentials

16 December 2019 snow The one thing that I hate the most about traveling in winter is the packing. Packing during winter means a lot of luggage with not that many items. Each ... read more

Bike Riding Tips for Beginners

15 July 2019 bike ride Bike riding is one of my favorite pastimes. I love exploring new places on my bike. I go on bike rides with groups as well as alone. Going on ... read more

10 Things to Do in Tanzania For a Fun-filled Holiday

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