Bike Trip through the Fall Colors

When motorcyclists think about fall foliage, they’d think about the New England area first. Motorcyclists can drive around Western Maine, particularly on Route 133, to see the old mill cities and apple orchard across this part of Maine. Driving west will lead towards the White Mountain area of New Hampshire, where riders can stay at the mythical Bretton Woods Hotel or travel south on US Route three to hotels around stunning Lake Winnipesaukee. Bike riders can travel south thru Western New Hampshire off the Kancamangus Road, or New Hampshire Route 112, straddling between the borders of Vermont and New Hampshire. Heading without delay west on US Route two leads to Montpelier and the guts of Vermont.


Photo by John Gresham

Vermont is celebrated for its foliage environment along with its covered bridges going over the Connecticut Brook. Route two brings riders deeper in the state towards shocking Lake Champlain round the Burlington metro area. Unlike southern New England, these states in the north are sparsely populated, so a visitor’s guide is a beneficial tool for travel information. Top foliage happens all though October, but early colors are seen in September.

Travel info guides classify the north central states , for example Wisconsin and Minnesota, as 2 major foliage spots that rival New England. Road twenty-two in Wisconsin leads bike riders across the northernmost parts of the state and can also go east into Higher Michigan. Portions of Road twenty-two will connect to US two, helping Wisconsin riders travel thru Eau Claire, one of Wisconsin’s major cultural towns for music, art, and entertainment.

In Minnesota, riders can travel thru the northwards roads leading across the North Shore, where the main town of Duluth is found, all of the way west to the Red Stream Valley area close to the Dakotas. Around fifty miles of Minnesota State Road twenty-three, from Saint Louis County to Mourn County, is a component of the Vets Evergreen Commemorative Dramatic Drive, which is legendary for its foliage, little brooks, fishing, and canoeing. Top foliage is a touch earlier beginning around mid-September up till early October. Ultimately, the Northwest US is another home to early foliage seasons.


Photo by K Robison

The Global Selkirk Loop is a major byway that crosses all of the way thru Washington State and into Idaho. Idaho Road 2 hundred connects cities like Sandpoint into Montana’s Lake Pend Oreille, which gives riders an opportunity to see beautiful waterfalls and brooks. Interstate 84 (west) connects Oregon, Idaho and Utah together.

Though a biker simply can head to Portland on this road, the Columbia Brook Gorge is the area to see some of the finest fall foliage in the Northwest.


Photo by Esther Harlow

Having a visitor’s guide is convenient for this area of the country, as many sections are sparsely populated and motorcyclists might need recent travel information. As New Britain, the northwest has top foliage in October with some spots showing color in Sep.


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