Under the Texas Sky: Bike Tours around Houston

Why is riding a bike around the fourth largest city in the United States so much fun? Houston spreads out over 650 square miles, and more than 2 million people call it home. It’s also home to lush parks, meandering bayous and a network of beautiful bike trails. Riding a bike around Houston is an exciting and entertaining tour of the urban landscape at its greenest.

Pick Your Favorite Park

Buffalo Bike

There are four to choose from, and each has its own personality. The bike trails in George Bush Park are easy to navigate, but if you like a challenge, head for Cullen Park. It’s full of twists, turns and even ditches for the daring. Memorial park is big and beautiful with two different paths for exploring the city’s forest. For just plain fun, navigate the Anthills at Terry Hershey Park. The locals nicknamed these paths full of quick ups and downs, and they’re perfect for grownup kids. Don’t forget the picnic basket.

Macho Mountain Biking Is Allowed

It started out as a trend, and it’s become an obsession. Mountain biking in Houston’s Memorial Park is an urban sport played by a determined bunch of rough riding, heavy biking die-hards. They’re undeterred by the lack of actual mountains and attack specially dedicated trails through the heaviest forest in Memorial’s 1500 acres. The routes are challenging, and the pace is fast. Imagine conquering the Houston wilderness that includes an occasional swamp. This ride calls for serious gear and a love for adventure.

Buffalo Soldier National Museum Bike Ride in Houston, Texas 6/24/2012

Reflections Along the Bayou

A lazy bike ride along the banks of Buffalo Bayou is an unparalleled vision of the cityscape rising up from its lush, natural surroundings. More than 20 scenic miles of premium path wind through downtown Houston and offer a breathtaking view of downtown. With easy access from many hotels in Houston, you can include it in your vacation plans; pause for a picnic, romp at the dog park, or watch a different set of wheels take to the sky at the Jamail Skatepark. The pace is relaxed, the company is friendly, and the vista at sunset is a local legend.


See the Heights, Discover the Green

The historic Heights neighborhood is just northwest of downtown, and pedal pushers are welcome. The area is home to bungalows and shops dressed in 1920s charm, and restaurants post menus in storefront windows. A ride to the southeast slides across town, past Minute Maid Baseball Park and right into Discovery Green. There’s so much to do here that it’s no wonder folks consider it Houston’s downtown playground. Everybody enjoys dining, strolling the gardens and even playing bocce ball. The lake isn’t stocked yet, but locals hold out hope.

Houston, Bike and I

Biking around Houston is fun, because it can be an adventure or a relaxing ride. Excursions like the Farmer’s Market Tour Ride and the Too Cool Tour Ride fill a day with exploration. Easy rides along the bayou finish a day with sunset skies. With 300 miles of bike-way, there’s always somewhere to go, and riding a bike under the Texas sky is always fun, especially in Houston.

About the author
Ann Bailey is an avid amateur biker and contributes arts and travel related articles for hotels in Houston like the Hilton Houston Southwest. Key locations in the city offer fun and rewarding views and events, and the friendly Houston Hilton makes staying there a convenient and comfortable Texas home-away-from-home experience.