All You Need to Know about Betting While Traveling in Europe

All You Need to Know about Betting While Traveling in Europe

Make Money from Sports Betting While Traveling Europe

This connection was made due to the enjoyment and travel that come with sporting events. There are diverse sports cultures everywhere, from the Olympics to more contemporary events like the Tennis Opens, regional and international football leagues, and basketball franchises. Nowadays, participants and spectators travel great distances to take part in the major fiestas or see their favorite athletes. The popularity of sports betting while traveling between European countries has increased due to the international character of sporting events. This capacity results from the expansion of many European betting companies and their availability in numerous nations. These betting services make it easy to put wagers on sporting events near and far, even in your currency. Visit

How to Make Money While Traveling?

According to authorities, fans and spectators can visit the amazing locations and towns that host their favorite sports in one go, combining their travel and betting on sports Europe interests without incurring additional costs. Some people might even use their winnings from sports betting to cover their travel costs. All you need to get started is your laptop or smartphone.

Whether you are an international bettor or a visitor significantly impacts the site you should pick.

As a Tourist: You probably won’t need to make a new account if you’re visiting. If betting sites are restricted where you are, you can either use a VPN or access the site directly from where you are.

You won’t need to update or make a new account because your registration address hasn’t changed. Nevertheless, we advise using UK betting sites like Betfair or Bet365 that accept bets from various geographic locations.

As an Expat: You are better off selecting a local betting site or a website that welcomes players from all over the world if you are an ex-pat. The laws of the nation where you are located have a significant impact. 888sport is one of the top bookmakers we suggest to bettors from other countries.

One of the largest sports betting markets in the world is in Europe. It is made possible through a single currency and centralized licensing. As a result, you can wager on a few betting sites while traveling throughout Europe and immediately cash out your profits without having to wait or convert currencies.

Several factors make European betting sites popular with visitors and travelers, which we will discuss below.


Sources state that since all 27 EU members share the same currency, you can place bets from any of them without worrying about conversions or exchange rates.

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As the purchasing power is the same across many nations, this aids in maintaining the value of your money.


Most sportsbooks provide different languages depending on where you live in Europe. For instance, while passing through Wales, a German bettor could place wagers in his native tongue. It fixes the issue of being unable to wager on athletic events in a nation that speaks your native tongue.


Most European countries have similar gambling laws. Taxes on gambling winnings may be paid in slightly different ways, but most regulatory bodies are local. It implies that a sportsbook can run simultaneously in numerous European nations after it has received a regional regulator’s license.

Withdrawal Alternatives

One of the best things about European sportsbooks is that they provide a variety of withdrawal options, recognizing the unity in the differences in the locales of their consumers. Therefore, you can bet with the knowledge that the sportsbook will quickly pay out your winnings through trusted and widely used methods.

Making Money from Sports Betting While Travelling Europe

Fear not if you are traveling abroad for a vacation or starting a new life; you may still place a wager on European online betting as if you were in the UK. Even though you might not be allowed to use all the top UK online bookmakers, you can still access many great options.

One thing to note is that betting outside of the UK functions similarly. It is feasible to utilize the same account if you can access your UK account from the nation you are currently in.

However, if you intend to stay abroad for an extended period, you might consider registering with a more globally focused-website or using a VPN.

It is best to consider your answers to these four questions before placing an international internet wager:

  1. Where Can the Bookie Operate Legally?

Most bookmakers’ websites’ general terms and conditions include a list of the nations whose citizens are permitted to play there. However, it is best to message customer service through live chat if you have questions. The casino reserves the right to forfeit your wins and refund your initial payment if you sign up from a restricted area. Fortunately, the top UK betting sites accept most of the world’s nations.

  1. What Local Regulations Apply?

Whether or not a bookmaker will take your wager, it is crucial to confirm that you are not infringing any local regulations. Sports betting laws might differ from state to state, even a few miles away, depending on the country you seek to wager in. For instance, even though sports betting is permitted in 21 states of the United States, most areas continue to impose stringent restrictions on it.

  1. What Methods of Payment Are Offered?

While using your UK bank account should be simple, transferring money for betting into your local account might be more difficult. While many payment options are available to UK players, many are not accessible outside of the UK.

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Instead, you might use one of the many internationally accessible E-wallets, such as PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller.

  1. May I Employ a VPN?

We frequently advise utilizing a VPN, which is now well-liked inside and outside the UK. All of your personal information is secured since VPNs keep your online activity private and offer secure access to the internet.

Best European Betting Companies for Your Profit

Although many bookmakers are on the market, some have more customers and a better reputation than others. A bookmaker must be accessible in your area for you to clear a bonus from them. The issue is that globetrotters frequently switch locations. It is why you should only choose the bookmakers that provide their services internationally. Fortunately, there are lots of them!

The following are a few of the best European betting sites:


The variety of possibilities on the website contributes to Betway’s popularity. For example, you can select numerous outcomes for a single event using the bet builder option. For better odds, you may wager on a player to score, another to be cautioned, and a total of more than 2.5 goals in the same game.


1xBet is a recognized partner of Serie A and FC Barcelona. The popularity of the betting platform is due to the variety of betting markets and event possibilities it offers. Baseball, badminton, futsal, Esports, and other fun markets are available in the sportsbook. You can also wager on who will be the future president of the United States if you have a political bent.


One of the most well-known websites in Europe is called Bet365. No matter what sport a bettor prefers, the website lists a variety of sports, including ice hockey, horse racing, and cricket. As the name suggests, you’ll get the 360-degree betting experience plus five more.


If you’re old enough, Bwin has undoubtedly appeared on the front of a Real Madrid jersey. Due to their sponsorship of UEFA events like the Europa and Europa Conference Leagues, Bwin is well-known.

How to Bet Safely While Traveling?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) outlines the minimum standards businesses handling personal information must implement and applies to European bookies. Information on these websites is encrypted, and strong organizational and technical safeguards are taken to protect it. In this case, “information” refers to your login information, payment choices, identification, date of birth, and other information gathered about you throughout your betting experience. For the above reasons, many overseas gamblers rely on and trust European betting sites while traveling. Any betting site must be safe and trustworthy to be successful, especially in Europe, where organized crime and literacy rates are high.

Bottom Line

For UK gamblers, the good news is that you won’t have to stress too much about missing out when taking a vacation abroad. Numerous international betting sites permit you to access your account from another country.

For those unavailable, some workarounds involve using VPNs, which we have provided a detailed explanation of above. We’ll end by cautioning you once more to check the regulations of the nation you’re visiting to be sure you can legally place bets online. If so, relax and have fun placing bets on your vacation.