7 Commercial Islands Across the World that are Ideal for your Next Vacation

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Some of the most common vacations that we take are the beach vacations and the hills vacations. The palace, safari and the island vacations are still underrated. But the islands are exotic and beautiful. They give you some other kind of vibe in between the ocean, land, and cool breeze. I feel the islands connect us to nature deeply. If you are a travel bug and would wish to explore some of the best places of the world, then you must note down these commercial islands from across the world and keep them on your bucket list.


This island is beautiful and it has rich vegetation of pineapples. They are also called the pineapple islands because they sell pineapples to various regions. It is one of the topmost exotic tourist destinations of the world. This island ranks high in the commercial islands of the world list and one must visit this place to experience the best of the scenic beauty.

lanai island


If you are a travel enthusiast then Fiji would surely be on your International bucket list. You can explore sandy beaches, white orchids, and beautiful jungle on this island. From enjoying horse riding, water sports to resting in the coconut grove resorts of the Laucala islands would give you the best time of your life.

Laucala island


This island has been converted into a luxurious resort. So, if you visit this place you will get the relaxation of nature along with some exotic city life pleasures in the resort. People from all over the world flock to this place for their holidays and this make this island as one of the topmost commercial islands of the world.

Moskita Island


Another popular and beautiful island of British Virgin is the Necker islands. This island is given the Caribbean Eden form and it is a perfect getaway from the busy and the hectic life. One can experience the nature on their lap in this commercial islands and this would rejuvenate them from within.

I mean, just look at this view, I would love to wake up everyday to this.

Necker Island


Another one of the best commercial islands of the world is the St. Philips islands in Scotland. This island is famous for the holidays because of the sailing, fishing, stretched sandy beaches, ponds, marshes and the maritime forests. This is a huge island with lots of hidden things to explore and enjoy the time.

Philips Island


PhiPhi islands are basically the island groups in Thailand in the Phuket city. It is not the most popular but one of the best islands in Thailand. People claim this place to be extremely commercial but worth a visit once in a lifetime. The island is famous for the coconut plantation.

Phi Phi Island


This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful but also the most underrated islands in the world. This is an island which is considered to be the last outpost while Columbus expedition. Though people believe that there is not much to explore here but still vineyards of the place are worth to visit.
Pico Island

These commercial islands are owned by some eminent persons and they use these islands for their different and suitable kind of business. Call it a status symbol or a business inquisitive mind that these business tycoons have bought these islands for their use and have turned into commercial islands. Let us know what your opinions are about these exotic islands and which one has tempted you the most for your vacation goals.

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