5 Tips for the Perfect Mykonos Getaway

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Planning a trip to Mykonos soon? Wondering how to make the most of your holiday? Let Dimitri, the Head Concierge at Cloud 9 Concierge company in Mykonos, guide you with essential tips for an unforgettable experience.

Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands, known for its incredible nightlife, rolling sandy beaches, and delicious local cuisine. Whether you choose to discover the island in your own time or hire a Concierge, there is plenty to do and you will not be disappointed.

Find the Right Accommodation

One of the very first things to do before you set off on your luxury getaway to Mykonos is to plan out your accommodation. There are so many different options to choose from when it comes to accommodation in Mykonos, but if you want to live it up in style, the way to go is to rent a beautiful villa. With Cloud 9 or any other VIP Concierge service you can expect a specifically picked villa based on your inquiries and demands.

Moving to Greece can be an exciting opportunity to experience a new culture, climate, and lifestyle. However, it’s crucial to carefully consider various factors before making the move. Research the visa and residency requirements, learn about the local job market and employment opportunities, and familiarize yourself with the cost of living. Additionally, make sure to learn some basic Greek language skills and understand the healthcare system to ensure a smooth transition. Building a support network and staying open to adapting to the new environment will contribute to a successful relocation experience.

mykonos luxury villa

When travelling to Mykonos, whether you are planning ahead, or travelling on a whim, always make sure to book your accommodation beforehand. Mykonos can get incredibly busy especially during peak season, and finding nice accommodation can be difficult if you do not book before you get there.

For the crème de la crème Cloud 9 has always ultra luxurious Private Villas that are not marketed on any booking website.

Choose the Right Time

When you are planning your Mykonos getaway, one of the first things to consider is the time of year that you visit. Mykonos is in Mediterranean territory which means that the weather is lovely year round, however, it specific climate makes it the most pleasurable and so popular summer destination even in the heat of the summer (July, August).

The meltemi winds make Mykonos the perfect hotspot for suntanning but not feeling the heat of the sun. Summer months are peak travel seasons for tourists in Greece and the Greek islands. This means that accommodation, food, and tourist attractions get very expensive and if you are looking for class, VIP parties and networking holiday this island is overcrowded with the world’s wealthiest elite.

Travelling during off peak season is a great option if you have the chance to get some time off. It is still lovely and warm but there are fewer tourists.

Explore the Beaches

Beaches are one of the main attractions of any of the Greek islands. If you find yourself in Mykonos for your getaway vacation, going to the beach is something you cant miss out of.

Cavo-tagoo party


Beaches in Mykonos have so much to offer for just about everyone. For those who are more sporty and active, you can find beaches offering an array of water sports and beach games. For those who want to lay out, you can find beaches with cabanas and umbrellas, perfect for relaxing. Cloud 9 makes sure you always get the first row beds even on the most popular beaches.

There are also great beaches that are more private and away from all the action for those who need a bit of a break and want some peace and quiet.

Experience the Nightlife

Mykonos is the Greek island that is best known for its night life. One the best parts of a party island is that you will find some kind of action at any time of the day. You can easily make your way from a yacht party, to a beach party, to a raging party at a nightclub.

Night-life party

Cloud 9 always takes care for the last-minute bookings and making sure your itinerary includes the poshest places where the fancy crowd is.These parties will go on all night long, until the early hours of the morning.

The best part is that you can relax and recuperate on the beach all day long, and do it all again the next day, as long as you can handle it.

Sample Local Cuisine

Last but not least, the final must while having the perfect getaway in Mykonos is sample as much local cuisine as possible. You simply cannot travel all this way and not try any of this delicious food. Whether you are interested in fine-dining or discovering hidden greek tavernas grilling on charcoal Cloud 9 has access to all the gems. With everything from local land, fresh caught seafood, Mediterranean salads and vegetable dishes, and more there is no shortage of amazing food to try.

It is always a good idea to branch out and try new foods. Who knows? You may find your new favourite.