5 Romantic Things to Do Around Australia

Whilst many romantic retreats involve cuddling up in a nice luxury apartment, some couples want to see and do romantic activities outside of the bedroom. Wether it be enjoying the Great Ocean Road tours and going horse riding along the south east coast, or hot air ballooning through the Avon valley and sipping champagne, or dining in the middle of a tropical rainforest, Australia has a number of romantic activities for couples to engage in.


Largs Bay Sunset, Adelaide, Australia

Largs Bay Sunset by Howard Russell / Flickr

These are the top five romantic holiday activities that couples can explore all around Australia.

1. Cairns Rain Forest Dining Experience

Cairns, located in tropical North Queensland, offers a number of romantic activities, one being the “Flames of the Forest” dining experience.  The experience involves eating a six course meal amidst a beautiful and lush rainforest, underneath a silk marquee. The candle lit dinner is also accompanied by premium wine and non-alcoholic beverages, like tea and coffee.


Barron Falls, Cairns, Australia

Barron Falls, Cairns by Phil Long / Flickr

This dining experience takes place near Port Douglas (which is the meeting point) and couples are then chaperoned after booking the fine dining tour and the whole session takes between 2 — 3 hours.

There are also a number of accommodations in tropical Cairns for couples to stay in later after their six-course meal.

2. Horse Riding Along the Beaches of the South East Coast

The Great Ocean Road, located in Victoria, stretches along the pristine south east coast of Australia and contains some of the most beautiful rock formations. Within this area, horse rides are available for couples and these rides follow beach trails that occur between Warrnambool and Port Fairy.


horse riding on the beach australia

horse riding by Rachel Smith / Flickr

The horse ride tours, which go for around 3 to 4 hours, offer views of rolling sand dunes, clear blue waters and possible glimpses of wallabies, seals and a variety of bird life.

Couples, thinking of going on these horse-riding tours, should consider stopping over and staying in Port Campbell. This coastal town is the main stop over point for people journeying along the Great Ocean Road and has a range of accommodation options.

3. Barossa Valley Cycling and Sparkling Wine Tour

The Barossa Valley, located in South Australia, produces some of Australia’s best wine. For couples that love wine, there are romantic bicycle tours, where bikes can be hired and delivered to your specific accommodation in the Barossa Valley. Couples are able to cycle through the scenic vineyards of the Barossa Valley and stop in at wine tasting cellars on the way.


Barossa Valley wine tour

Barossa Valley wine tour by ulterior epicure / Flickr

For the bike tour, couples are supplied with two bikes, all necessary safety equipment, a map, bottles of drinking water and a bottle of Australian Sparkling Wine (with two glass flutes).

The entire experience takes around 3 hours, which includes couples being picked up and dropped off within the local area and wine tastings.

4. Avon Valley Champagne and Balloon Flights

The Avon Valley, located in Western Australia, is renowned for its exquisite wineries. For couples, however, there is more to do than just taste wine. There is also the chance to float over the Avon Valley in a hot air balloon! This experience is also topped off with a cooked breakfast (accompanied by champagne) upon returning to the ground.

Avon Valley Balloon flights

Avon Valley Balloon flights by Andrew Dennes / Flickr

The balloon fight, which starts and ends in Northam, takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour. However, the overall experience (including travel time and the breakfast) takes 4 -5 hours.

5. Abseiling and Champagne at Kangaroo Point

Kangaroo Point, located directly east from Queensland’s Brisbane River, offers couples the chance to abseil down Kangaroo Point Cliffs and later to enjoy champagne and nibbles. Thrill-seeking couples can abseil down the cliffs either in the day or at night and enjoying some truly spectacular aerial views of Story Bridge, Brisbane city and the Brisbane River. The best time to go abseiling is around dusk, when the Brisbane city begins to turn on all its nightlights. Couples, looking to complete this romantic experience can also find a number of luxury romantic serviced apartments in Brisbane.


Kangoroo Point by night

Kangoroo Point by night by Tate Johnson / Flickr

The tour provides couples with all the necessary safety equipment and the entire experience takes approximately 2 hours, which also includes the demonstration by the professional guides.

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