5-Reel VS 3-Reel Pokies – Which Is Better?

5-Reel VS 3-Reel Pokies - Which Is Better?

Online pokies are one of the most entertaining games at online casinos. The evolution of gaming software and design has brought a range of pokies to the iGaming market. The 3-reel pokies that marked the beginning of online pokies are called traditional, classic, or fruit machines. The more advanced 5-reel or 7-reel pokies are renditioned with newer features and increased winning possibilities.

While the 5-reel pokies have gained colossal popularity at most Australian online casino sites, many hunters of classic fruit slots still love to spin the reels traditionally. If you don’t know which of these formats would make a better gaming option, this detailed guide can help you understand the differences between 5-reel and 3-reel pokies. It will enable you to optimize your winning potential.

Let us make one thing clear – the number of reels is not the only criterion that makes a game stand out. A host of other factors, such as the theme, features, audio-visuals, volatility, and payouts, play a role in deciding the overall gaming experience. So, without further delay, check out which type of slot could complement your gaming needs and preferences.

What Are 3 Reel And 5 Reel Pokies?

Reels comprise the slot’s matrix structure columns where game symbols spin to create winning combinations. 3-reel slots have only three such columns, whereas the more progressive slots have five.

How Different Is the Gameplay with 5-Reels and 3-Reels?

Let us understand some of the highlighted differences in 5-reel and 3-reel pokies.

  • The modern 5-reel video slots offer mega ways with thousands of paylines. 3-reel pokies are machines that typically feature a maximum of 9 paylines. 5-reel pokies allow players to choose the number of paylines they want to play per spin. For beginners trying a hand at 5-reels, you can choose to play a single pay line and increase as you gain more confidence.
  • Taking a look at the sound quality of the 3-reel fruit pokies can tell you that they usually don’t feature any high-tech sound effects. You will primarily hear background scores that transcend you to an arena with a melodic sound, such as jingling bells or chime sounds upon hitting a winning combination. On the other hand, modern pokies offer advanced animations that engross you in the gameplay. Some games, like Guns N’ Roses, have five different soundtracks taken from the compositions of the famous rock band.
  • Talking of graphics and animation quality: 5-reel pokies look better and more welcoming, thanks to technological developments. 3-reel pokies are bland in that respect.
  • The 5-reel pokies are famous for their intriguing themes, ranging from animal safari, treasure hunts, sports, cartoons, and many branded themes from movies, music bands, and popular TV series. In 3-reel pokies, you will likely find vintage backdrops from physical slot machines played in land-based casinos.
  • From state-of-the-art HD graphics to mesmerising sound effects, 5-reel pokies look straight from the theatres. The symbols are unique to every game, although playing cards often represent lower-paying symbols. In contrast, the higher-value symbols are vivid characters central to the theme of the pokies. Most 3-reel pokies are restricted to classic symbols like bells, chocolate bars, 7s, stars, etc. The relatively advanced fruit slots are characterized by fruit icons such as apples, cherries, etc.

How is the Gameplay Experience Different?

3-reel pokies are old-school, so you can expect the gameplay to unfold with similar traditional simplicity. If you are a 3-reel machine fan, you might be one player who likes to keep it simple by just popping a coin, spinning the reels, and reclining to watch the fruits pass by.

The 5-reel machines are relatively more complex. Most of these bear a sophisticated design and are backed by advanced technology. The top pokies titles feature special symbols such as wilds, scatters, and bonus symbols that help in generating fantastic payouts with free spins and multipliers. There are many add-on features like expanding, transforming, and stacked wilds, avalanche and colossal reels, and bonus games that enhance the thrill of the game.

5-Reel VS 3-Reel Pokies - Which Is Better?

Multiple paylines, captivating themes, exciting bonus features, and the possibility of huge wins are the core reasons behind the popularity of 5-reel slot games.

Jackpot Opportunities in the Offing

You’ll find a host of 5-reel online pokies for real money offering tremendous jackpot payout opportunities. However, 3-reel pokies do not feature such massive prizemoney. Instead, these slots are designed to suit the simplicity of the game theme and style. Hence, the highest prize offered by 3-reel pokies is lower than a 5-reel slot. However, some classic pokies provide a high Return to Player rate.

The 5-reel machines can make the best choice for players scouting for substantial jackpot opportunities. And you could also find progressive jackpot prizes linked with multiple slots together that can payout up to millions to the lucky players.

What Are The Risks Involved?

Volatility indicates the risk involved in staking real money and helps estimate the slot’s win and loss frequency. The 3-reel pokies typically feature low volatility characteristics, which means that players can enjoy frequent wins. However, the payout will be less than that of a pokies machine with high volatility.

5-Reel VS 3-Reel Pokies - Which Is Better?

With limited betting options, the 3-reel pokies offer lesser risk and make-safe options, especially for new players trying to familiarise themselves with how pokies work. It provides a balanced play, although it may not cough up enormous wins.

The 5-reel pokies are characterized with high-volatility. The progressive jackpot pokies, for instance, may not pay out as often but can offer life-altering wins at a go.

Concluding Thoughts

For players seeking a relaxed and more straightforward gaming session, 3-reel pokies can be fun to spin. If you want to relive nostalgia, the 3-reel pokies can keep you tapping your feet.

However, if you are up for incredible entertainment and challenges, the 5-reels pokies will keep you hooked. For punters looking for terrific graphics, massive multipliers, immersive sound effects, and innovative bonus features, playing 5-reel pokies makes more sense.