30 Winter Photos to Make You Travel to Sinaia and Visit the Peles Castle

Peles Castle, Sinaia, Romania

Sinaia and Peles Castle are two of the places where I have so many memories, I can’t help but go back over and over again. I visited them repeatedly over the years, my perspective and enjoyment changing with time. I was full of glee and curiosity as a child, I was enjoying my friends when I grew older, I was celebrating an important passage when we had our prom in Sinaia in my last year of high school. Things evolved even more in university, and my views changed once more when I visited this mountain resort hidden on the Prahova Valley, along the Carpathian Mountains of Romania.

View of Sinaia from a hotel balcony

The trails, the restaurants, the huge snow, I always loved those, but Peles Castle is the main attraction in Sinaia for me. Other than being a historical landmark and groundbreaking point for many firsts, Peles is gorgeous! This was the first castle in Europe to have electric, central heating, and vacuum cleaning systems. Not only that, but they were so well made, they are still functioning today.

The art amassed here, from the decor to the very walls and windows of this castle always fascinated me. Not as much as the weapons room, but hey, always a tomboy, always wanting to play with the swords, you can’t really blame me!

Peles Castle, Sinaia, Romania

To get to the castle, you have to walk up a slow trail ascending from downtown Sinaia. It’s easy to find it if you follow the signs to the Peles Castle. The closer you get, the more beautiful the views are! Once you are face to face with this gorgeous building, all you want to do next is to explore it.

Peles Castle up close, Sinaia Romania

Sinaia wasn’t chosen at random. This Neo-Renaissance gem was built in a resort on a historical route linking Transylvania to Wallachia. The building of Peles started in 1873, and although it was inaugurated in 1883, it was only completed in 1914. Although the castle is over a century old, that is relatively new when compared to Romania’s medieval landmarks, or the ancient ruins that you can visit here.

Peles Castle Garden, Sinaia, Romania

Still, as it is intrinsically linked to Romania’s Royal House and our country’s brief but flourishing period as a monarchy, it’s well worth a visit. And again, did I mention the weapons? You just have to see the armory!

Original Beauty

King Carol I of Romania wanted something unique for Sinaia and the mountainous scenery he’d fallen in love with. That is why the first three projects for Peles–mere copies of existing European castles–were rejected. It was finally Johannes Schultz, a German architect, who came with something original and innovative, combining German inspired aestethics with Renaissance elements, and a touch of Italian elegance.

Peles Castle Exterior Details, Sinaia, Romania

With so much care going into how this castle looked and function, it is no wonder Peles is among the top tourist attractions in Romania when foreign tourists are asked to pick their favorites.

Statue, Peles Castle, Romania

The Peles Castle gardens, with their beautiful stairs and statues, and the breathtaking scenery surrounding them, have always been my favorite part. They are especially gorgeous in winter, when covered in snow.

Statue, Peles Castle, Romania

If you are lucky to visit on a sunny winter day, as I was the last time I visited, the views are mesmerizing!

Gardens, Peles Castle, Romania

There is a limited number of people that can visit at one time. So if you’ve missed the first group, or the line is really long, you might be forced to way for half an hour to an hour outside. So come dressed accordingly! It gets really cold here in winter. To get a better idea of temperatures, how to get to Sinaia, and what to wear, check out this winter in Romania survival guide.

Terrace, Peles Castle, Romania

The good news is that the castle itself and the landscape around it are enough to keep you entertained.

Exterior, Peles Castle, Romania

If you can’t get there right away, just check out the photos below for a virtual tour of the Peles exterior and its garden. Then read on for an exclusive peak at a temporary exhibition which will take you back in time!

Exterior, Peles Castle, Romania

Exterior, Peles Castle, Sinaia

Exterior, Peles Castle, Sinaia

Terrace view, Peles Castle, Sinaia

Terrace view, Peles Castle, Sinaia

Gardens, Peles Castle, Sinaia

Outside View, Peles Castle, Sinaia

When I last visited, we were lucky enough to stumble upon a seasonal exhibition. It displayed embroideries, clothes, utensils, and outfits made and worn by the queens and princesses of the Romanian Royal House. Some of these were absolutely lovely, extremely well preserved, and so stylish! The Romanian sewing patterns and motifs were absolutely breathtaking.

Clothes, Royal Collection, Peles Castle, Sinaia

This blast from the past of style and fashion was something I approached with some caution. I wasn’t sure it would be something particularly appealing or entertaining for me, but boy was I wrong? And did anyone else spot the Channel No. 5 bottle?


Utensils and needle work, Royal Collection, Peles Castle

Vintage Wedding dress and gala outfits, Peles Castle, Sinaia

Vintage Wedding dress, Peles Castle, Sinaia

Traditional Romanian Folk Wear

After an hour well spent admiring this exhibition items, we returned to the gardens for a final photo shoot and I took my time saying goodbye to the castle grounds.

Peles Castle, Sinaia, Gardens View
Peles Castle, Sinaia, Stairs

Peles Castle, Sinaia, Statue

Peles Castle, Sinaia, Gardens View

Peles Castle, Sinaia, Romania

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30 Winter Photos to Make You Travel to Sinaia and Visit the Peles Castle 30 Winter Photos to Make You Travel to Sinaia and Visit the Peles Castle

30 Winter Photos to Make You Travel to Sinaia and Visit the Peles Castle

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  1. Anda says:

    I miss the beauty of our country, Alina. Great photos of the Peles Castle!

  2. The artwork and architecture on this castle is so intricate! It’s even more beautiful in the snow!

  3. Monika says:

    I would love to visit it thereis but seems like super cold in winter ? like Poland haha

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    It’s like being put into another era altogether! Eastern European countries such as Romania hold such mystery for me. Can’t wait to visit someday.

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    This Peles Castle is so beautiful. I am totally spell bound by your pictures and these landscapes. The white snow acts like an icing over the cake.

  6. Nice photos 🙂 Romania and Bulgaria are the last countries in the Balkans for me left to visit and I’m planning to do it this year. Now I know I can’t miss this castle!

  7. Bhushavali says:

    Would you believe if I say, the only place filled with so much so that I’ve been to is Frankfurt in winter, that too on a business meet where I didn’t have time to explore the place??!!!! I want to take a vacay at a place filled with snow!!! So bad!! Sinaia is gorgeous. The castle has something to offer for both the heritage enthusiast as well as the fashionista in me!!!

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    Yep, you did it! These pictures definitely make me want to head to Peles Castle ASAP. The snow adds such a magical touch, too.

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  10. I absolutely love the architecture and story behind Peles castle!I in particular love the view of the castle from the trail from downtown!

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    So pretty and thanks for taking me there – this place is gorgeous!

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    Love, love, love articles and photos like this – so much beauty, mystery and romanticism.

    I could gaze for ages at architecture like this, and wonder what stories and secrets they hold.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

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