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30 Winter Photos to Make You Travel to Sinaia and Visit the Peles Castle

9 February 2017 Peles Castle, Sinaia, Romania Sinaia and Peles Castle are two of the places where I have so many memories, I can’t help but go back over and over again. I visited them repeatedly over ... read more

Quirky Historic Museums in Gloucester

1 December 2015 Although a great number of travellers are looking for a bit of excitement when going on holiday, there are those who prefer something a bit more sedentary. If you are ... read more

Jordan Attractions for History Buffs

12 February 2014 Jordan Attractions for History Buffs Jordan is a Middle East destination that’s perfect for any history buffs. Castles, ancient cities, more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any history lover can think of make it perfect ... read more

Travel Photo of the Day: Frauenkirsche, Trier

18 May 2013 This church is right in the middle of the most touristy part of Trier, the city center that’s full of shops, restaurants and historic attractions such as the Frauenkirche itstelf ... read more