Will the Emergence of Online Casinos Lead to the Extinction of Brick-and-Mortar Casinos?



Innovation defines the iGaming industry, and this has allowed it to threaten the physical betting establishments. These days, all that most bettors talk about is visiting a new online gambling website. This makes it seem like physical casinos are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Hence, many gamblers have started to wonder: will the emergence of online casinos, like Mr Bet Casino, cause the extinction of physical ones? This is a delicate subject, and this article analyzes it from both sides to provide a suitable answer.

Online Casinos vs. Physical Casinos

Physical casinos are the classic gambling houses frequented by older bettors. Many of them were established before gambling became legal in most countries. These buildings house many memories for numerous bettors today, with some being classic landmarks in various cities. Unfortunately, many people believe that they are in danger of being forgotten as online gambling has taken center stage. Today, many players prefer to access an online platform to play their favorite games whenever they want. Brick-and-mortar casinos offer their advantages, but this convenience is something they cannot match. Nevertheless, looking at the absolute advantages possessed by both sides will make it easier to determine if physical gambling houses can go extinct.

The Superiority of Online Casinos Over Physical Casinos

Below, bettors will see the iconic benefits online casinos offer over their physical counterparts:

  • Cheap. Online casinos allow players to save on the transportation fare they’ll require to visit casinos that are far from home. Some of these sites also provide free betting opportunities with demo games, a feature that’s absent in classic gambling.
  • Better Bonuses. In a bid to outdo their competition, online casinos offer perks to welcome new players and keep old ones happy. This could be free spins in a game, free money with deposit matches, or cashback when bettors lose game rounds. All these extras make betting more exciting.
  • Innovation. The iGaming industry is always eager to incorporate and try out new technology. This is seen in their incorporation of blockchain technology, AR and VR technology, and gamification technology. With these, they have offered a betting experience that’s much better than the norm.
  • Bigger Game Collection. It’s difficult to find all variants of table games or all new casino games in one classic casino. However, this is easy for many online casinos to achieve. So, players can choose any random online casino and find a great selection of games there.
  • Convenient. When players visit an online gambling platform, they don’t have to leave their homes. They only need to visit a website on their computers or smartphones. These visits can occur at any time, as gambling websites run 24/7. This brings a level of convenience that physical gambling establishments cannot match.

The Superiority of Physical Casinos over Online Casinos

Below, the edge that physical casinos hold over their online counterparts is discussed:

  • The classic betting experience. Classic betting isn’t just about playing casino games. It’s an experience that incorporates fine dining, a show, complimentary drinks, and so much more. This makes it memorable for anyone. Many people are eager for this experience, and that’s why they visit iconic locations like the Las Vegas Strip during their holidays.
  • Socialization. This is one area where online casinos continue to struggle, as most bettors play alone. However, brick-and-mortar casinos offer a chance for friends to relax and have fun after a long day. It also allows regular people to interact and form connections with high-class society while having fun.
  • Legalized gambling. Physical gambling has been legalized for decades now in many countries. This means bettors don’t have to worry about breaking laws while gambling. They can just visit an open casino and have fun without thinking much about the legal stance.
  • Physical games and live dealers. Real cards, real dealers, and fellow players that can be seen and touched are an advantage that online casinos cannot beat. For people who want realism while betting, the animated icons on their phones and computer screens aren’t real gambling. Even the live dealer online gambling houses can’t compare to the beauty of the real thing.

Each Casino Has Its Perks

While it’s true that online gambling is convenient and innovative, many bettors still prefer the realisticness of physical casinos. They also want to be able to enjoy the classic gambling experience without worrying if they’re breaking any betting laws.


Contrary to how dire things might look, modern brick-and-mortar casinos also embrace new technology. Today, most of them accept cashless payments and support gamification elements, VR and AR technology, and loyalty programs. This allows them to provide a better gambling experience than the classic casinos of the past. So, physical casinos offer benefits that online ones cannot provide, which is more than enough for some players. Hence, the emergence of online betting sites won’t cause brick-and-mortar establishments to go extinct.