What You Must Pack For An All Girls Trip

girls trip

The day out with the girls is always a huge extravaganza. Every girl needs one of those- one with adventure, one with craziness, and one with comfort.

While away on a trip, us girls find the necessity of several things. This is why we always find that we have heavy and full bags. We girls tend to plan and pre-plan just to avoid girl crisis! Let’s just discuss what we is needed to be packed in a girl’s suitcase.

The first thing to be decided is the suitcase itself. Keep in mind to carry just one bag which is efficient to carry all you need, is sturdy enough and is light. Carry light and make sure your bag is not the focus of your entire trip. Lugging a bag is surely a discomfort.

An extra pair of shoes and clothes is a must. Carry a swimsuit if you are going to a sunny land with a beach. Carry winter protective clothings if you are going to a cold climatic venue. Socks, mufflers, jumpers or sunglasses, sunscreen and lotion. A party wear, just in case, you get invited to one, and some sundresses too.

• A portable DVD player
• A pack of cards
• comfort movies
• horror movies (not advisable if you are traveling with the faint of hearts)
• some junk food like chips and biscuits
• some bottled juice, chocolates and nuts are essential to pack.
• Water bottles, granola bars, snack bars are very essential to be packed especially when you are on a road trip or touring a new town.
• Other utilities like a torch, a hand fan, extra batteries, phone and laptop chargers and sufficient and even extra money.
• An extension cord

Emergency medicines for headaches, muscle pains, joint pains, cramps and of course sanitary napkins have to be a part of the checklist. Earplugs, wet wipes, tissues, face and bodywash, deodorant and eye mask should also be packed. Moisturizer, make up remover, shower gel, hair straightener, eyeliner are the other girl utilities to be incorporated.

• Making memories is the sweetest and the very important factor. Carry a camera. Carry the laptop and phone. Carry extra batteries and all the required chargers.
• Carry a diary and note every single incident. The happy ones, the funny ones, the silly fights, the crazy incidents, and the emotional scenes are all part of the amazing journey you embark on with your girls.
• For fun nights, get the speakers out and bring with you the best music.
• Bring your to-do list. Make all the research about the roads and places you are going to visit, get your routes fixed and plan out the venues you want to visit. You can make it a themed tour or just a random trip where you just barge in to the places you feel like.

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Ziplock bags, extra towels, make up, toiletries, extra soap, a safety blanket of a novel if you have the habit of reading, headphones, board games and the many other miscellaneous items can be brought.
Head out for the best journey out there without a second thought, girls! You know you’re all packed for one crazy trip with your best people.