Twitter Followers & Likes: The Key Metrics for Social Media Influence

Twitter has been the most trusted and popular social networking site for around two decades, spreading ideas all around the world. It is an ideal platform for social media managers to reach potential audiences for their brands. Twitter is changing rapidly; thus, to draw your audience’s attention, it is essential to pay attention to the strategies you are using.

For an effective social media marketing (SMM) strategy for your channel, it is important to track your overall social media performance. Thus, if you are using the Twitter platform and want to make the most out of it, then you must monitor and track all key metrics. Tracking Twitter followers and likes for social media influencers is essential to analyze performance, streamline the strategy planning process, stay on track, and keep growing successfully.

What are Twitter Metrics, and Why are they important to Measure?

Twitter metrics refer to the data points that you must track to measure your account’s success. You can easily find these metrics in your Twitter analytics and analyze them for a particular purpose. For example, understanding your ad campaign success, determining if you meet your Twitter goals, etc.

Measuring Twitter metrics is important for social media managers, influencers, and everyone to get valuable data for different areas. It can help you understand the right posting time for better engagement and determine the share of voice of your brand. Moreover, you can examine the effectiveness and responsiveness of your customer care team.

Additionally, Twitter metrics provide you with the data that helps in running a competitor analysis and adapting your approach to marketing campaigns. Social media experts often recommend measuring multiple metrics together, as tracking a single metric can’t provide the complete picture to identify the campaign’s success. 

Understanding Twitter Followers

Followers on Twitter are an important metric that measures the fame of a channel or a brand. Users can follow leading brands to stay well-informed about what a specific company is posting on the platform.

When any brand or company posts tweets, their followers can access those tweets in their feeds and can retweet and like those tweets, eventually providing content further reach to their followers.

The more followers a company has, the more they are likely to get higher engagement and reach. So, it is important to track the Twitter follower metric to determine the social media marketing of a company.

Analyze the new trends in Twitter followers compared to your campaign’s date or previous periods to compare your followers over time. Based on this insight, you can develop new campaigns with detailed knowledge of your important demographic. It will encourage your followers to show more engagement with your Twitter account, eventually improving your brand awareness. That’s a reason most businesses buy Twitter followers: to increase their follower base, brand credibility, and overall growth.

New followers – It measures the number of new followers that arrive on your Twitter account over time, mainly monthly. When people find many new followers on your profile, they perceive that your profile is worth following to discover interesting content. This is a crucial Twitter metric for boosting brand awareness and expanding the audience base.

To track new followers, subtract the number of followers your profile has at the start of a period from the period’s end. Alternatively, you can identify this metric by calling it net follower growth. If you are noticing a drop in the number of new followers, determine the reasons behind that drop.

Top followers – This metric measures the account with the highest number of followers that followed your Twitter account in a specific month. Tracking this metric helps in determining which of your newest followers have the highest reach impact. You can also use this metric to appreciate your new followers with @mention. To track this metric, you can check the top followers on the homepage of your Twitter Dashboard. 

Understanding Twitter Likes

Likes on Twitter is another crucial metric that is available as a form of engagement. The more likes you receive, the more brand awareness. Likes are used to indicate the mood of your Twitter community. You can buy Twitter likes, run Twitter ads, or implement other strategies for organic engagement.

Tracking likes on your Twitter posts is important for a higher ranking of your content, as by liking your post, users trigger the algorithm that gathers and interprets data. This data allows the algorithm to show the content that users find trending and relevant. The more Twitter likes you have, the higher the chance people will notice what you are posting and the more likely they are to share your content with their friends  

Impressions are found via native Tweet stream, and the totaled numbers are available in the Twitter dashboard. Additionally, you can use Twitter’s built-in analytics tool to identify how many likes your tweets are getting compared to other posts daily or monthly. This tool is available under Settings > Tweet Analytics. 

Ultimate Practices to Get Twitter Followers and Likes

If you are struggling with getting sufficient likes and followers on Twitter, then you can implement the following practices –

  1. Optimize your Twitter profile and bio to let people easily understand what your profile is all about.
  2. Buy authentic likes and followers to your profile instead of bots and get their delivery at the timeframe that seems organic to the algorithm.
  3. Consistently post high-quality and interesting content in different formats with relevant hashtags.
  4. Promote your tweets on various online platforms and offline collateral.
  5. Collaborate with other leading creators or influencers.
  6. Host interesting events, giveaways, and contests.


Running a Twitter account presents awesome opportunities to connect one-on-one with potential customers, expand reach, and improve brand recognition. To ensure the success of your Twitter marketing strategy, it is essential to understand key Twitter metrics – likes and followers and make sense of analytics. Now that you know about Twitter likes and followers, measure and track these metrics for optimal social media influence.