Travelers Want Tech That Makes Their Experiences More Convenient, says NCR

Travelers show an increasing interest in technology they can use to make their travel experiences easier and more convenient, according to the 2013 NCR Traveler Experience Survey published today by the NCR Corporation. The research results also show that such technology is especially interesting for simple, every day tasks, such as checking bags, securing early boarding and finding and booking alternate flights.

“The appetite for technology solutions that make everyday easier continues to grow,” said NCR Travel Vice President and General Manager Tyler Craig. “Airports and airlines are exploring innovative ways to make a significant impact on check-in times and passenger satisfaction as well as solve other business challenges such as processing baggage and driving incremental revenue.”

Some of the highlights of this report show that technology that would reduce waiting time for baggage checking after going through the online or mobile check in, buying in-airport goods and services based on coupons and promotions, being able to book alternate flights through mobile phones or kiosk terminals in case of delayed or canceled flights are some of the areas where travelers would be most interested in technology advancements.


The 2013 NCR Traveler Experience Survey results are released after querying about 5,000 adult consumers in the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, China and Brazil. The research was conducted early in 2013 research firms ORC International and Dimensions Research and Marketing Consultancy.

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