The Travel Speed Packing Guide for Men

Your bachelor party heads off in 3 hours. You and your acquaintances booked the ultimate3-day vacation! You designed this out with perfection. You identified the best the night clubs and you saved by getting a cheap flight. Your expedition to the airport covered with a car service. You shopped your new gear on Wednesday this week and were lucky enough to catch some bargains to buy yourself a a change of wardrobe. Your wardrobe…is not in the luggage and the ride is on its way to your office to make sure. You have 20 minutes to pack. You better move quickly.

First off, you are a man and you go light. You don’t need that gigantic bag for a weekend getaway. Take the small suitcase and study these steps.

  1. Lay out all of your clothes, underwear, shoes, socks undershirts, ties, and bathroom necessities.
  2. Grab your bathroom items and bag in between the bars. You should fit enough t-shirts in there to make a level flat bottom of the luggage. Additional t-shirts can be jammed into your suitcase. You will not need more than 2 pairs of loafers.
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  3. Start with your khakis. DO NOT FOLD THEM. Lay them flat on the bottom, perpendicular to the day bag.
  4. Take your stuffed boots and side by side in opposing directions at each end of the suitcase.
  5. Coil other bathing suits into tight coils and then tie them with rubber bands.
  6. Lay your most expensive shirts on top and close the bag.
  7. I occasionally place credit cards in my carry on.
  8. When I don’t feel like checking bags I will bring just a carry on.
  9. Remember that after you go out your clothes there will be far less room to pack them so you will need slightly more space.

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Follow this routine3-4 times and you will find that packing your day bagis efficient.. Also, don’t go cheap on day bag there is nothing worse than your suitcase busting open and losing theamazing job you did packing your bag.

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  1. These packing tips work pretty well for everyone. I’m always aspiring to travel lighter, so this might be just the push I need!

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