Top 8 Places To See In Finland


Finland is one of those rare beauties in Europe that has gotten very little attention by the globetrotter community. This stunning country has something to offer for everyone, no matter his or her age or interests. The cities are vibrant and filled with the finest museums, art galleries, restaurants, and shops. Alternatively, if you have more of a taste for adventure you can venture north to see the aurora borealis. Here we will take a look at the best tourist attractions that Finland has to offer. However, you do not want to worry about your health while you are on your big world adventure. Reviewy will have more info about how to stay healthy while you explore this beautiful country.


The Aland islands are a range of a few large islands and at least 10,000 smaller islands. Because these islands are in an autonomous archipelago between Sweden and Finland. You will find that the majority of the inhabitants on this island speak Swedish. These breathtaking islands offer stunning landscapes that are largely unspoiled and the island farmlands will transport you to a simpler time. You may want to consider visiting these islands on midsummer’s eve as there is a large celebration held there every year to celebrate the longest day of the year.


The capital of Finland has many major attractions that will keep you entertained for days on end. There are numerous art galleries or museums to stroll through. If you prefer museums that are more immersive, you can visit Seurasaari Island. This museum takes up a whole island a few miles north of the city center, which houses a collection of typical Finnish buildings from around the country. Alternatively, admire the tall green dome of the Helsinki Cathedral, which soars above the Helsinki Skyline.


Just a short journey east from Helsinki you will find Porvoo. A city that boasts more than 600 years worth of history. A visit to these quaint timber homes and cobbled streets will transport you to medieval Finland. Here you can stroll through the streets or sip on a cup of coffee while you watch paddle boarders and rafters sail through the picturesque rivers.


Are you looking for the ultimate wintertime adventure? Levi, the winter resort should be at the top of your list. Located in the sparsely populated Finnish Lapland, Levi offers miles of trails for subarctic wilderness, skiing and snowboarding. If you are feeling very adventurous, Levi offers a wide variety of opportunities for the more unusual activities such as ice fishing expeditions, reindeer safaris, and unwinding in large outdoor saunas. The nightlife in Levi is a major draw for Finnish residents, so do not leave until you have explored the bars, lounges, and clubs in Central Levi.


Another great snowy adventure can be found in Kemi. This city is renowned for its iconic snow castle. This epic castle is three stories tall and built predominantly from ice. You can stay overnight, enjoy live music or even host your wedding in its icy halls. However, the snow castle is not the only attraction in Kemi. You can brave the Arctic waters to get a glimpse of an iceberg or join in the buzzing nightlife.


When you plan your next trip to Finland, make sure not to leave Savonlinna out of your itinerary. This small city in the heart of Finnish Lakeland boasts a wide variety of historic landmarks. Located in the middle of Lake Saimma, the fourth largest freshwater lake in Europe, lies the area’s biggest attraction – the Olavinlinna, or St. Olaf’s Castle, which offers rich history as it  was built in the 15th century. This little city also has a variety of excellent museums as well as markets and vendors that you can peruse.


The capital of Finnish Lapland, Rovaniemi is the place to be to experience the virtually untouched beauty of Lapland. In addition to the breathtaking landscapes and vast forests, this city is the ultimate destination to take your children to. You can tour Santa Claus Village, get stamps from the Santa Claus Post Office and even visit the Santa-themed underground amusement park.

Lemmenjoki National Park

If you want a true experience of Finnish nature, you should include Lemmenjoki National Park at the top of your itinerary. During the summer, you can do breathtaking nature walks and experience the wildlife. In snowy seasons, it is a great destination for cross-country skiers.

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