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Tips to Save When Planning Your Next Trip

30 September 2016 London, United Kingdom To get the most travel for your money, you have to strive to save whenever you can. From smart planning to amassing miles on the corporate dime, staying budget-conscious is ... read more

How to Visit Cuba on a Budget

22 September 2016 Visit Cuba This post was originally published on Hipmunk’s Tailwind blog by TheHipmunk on April, 12, 2016.  Editor’s note: As of Aug 31, 2016, direct flights from the US to Cuba are taking ... read more

How to Choose the Location of Your Hotel?

27 August 2013 How to Choose the Location of Your Hotel? Unless you are exploring remote, wild destinations, your choice of hotels is virtually unlimited during your travels. Other than services offered, price, and the ever more important Internet connection, the ... read more