What can I get with my IHG reward points? |

You spent your money on a vacation and thought “Ah, now I can just use my rewards points from the Hyatt reward program.” But you might be surprised. Even if you don’t stay at an IHG hotel, some of their hotels offer spectacular amenities that make redeeming your point worth it. Here are highlights of what to get with your Hyatt points..

IHG rewards are a great way to get free travel. The “how do i use my ihg points to book a room” is an article that will tell you how you can use your IHG reward points to book a hotel or flight.

What can I get with my IHG reward points? |

When you stay at one of our roughly 5,200 available hotels or take advantage of our specials and partners, you’ll earn points. Reward Nights, travel, goods, and more may all be purchased with points. The number of IHG® Rewards Club Reward Night points required varies by hotel property and is divided into categories.

To put it another way, how many IHG points do you need to get a free night?

IHG’s standard reward nights vary from 10,000 to 70,000 points each night. Keep in mind that IHG runs a quarterly PointBreaks® deal in which hotels are reduced by 5,000 to 15,000 percent off their original price.

Is it also worth it to earn IHG points? Nights at IHG hotels may be booked for anywhere between 10,000 and 70,000 IHG points each night. IHG points are worth around 0.5 cents per point on average, although this can vary based on your vacation dates and where you’ll be staying.

How can I utilize my IHG points for a free night, for example?

The free night voucher will be automatically put into your IHG Rewards Club account on your card’s anniversary. To get to it, go to your account management page after logging into your IHG Rewards Club account. Then, on the left side, you’ll see “1 Free Night(s),” if you have one.

How can I increase the number of points in my IHG Rewards account?

How can I update an existing reservation using my IHG® Rewards Club number? Simply go into My Account and go to the “Stays and Events” tab to look for your current reservation. To add it to your reservation and earn points/miles, click “Search for Missing Past Stay.”

Answers to Related Questions

Is it true that IHG points expire?

The bad news first. IHG points do not expire right now, however they will begin to expire in May 2016 for accounts that have not had any earning or redemption activity in the previous 12 months. You must earn or redeem points with a stay during each 12-month period to keep your points valid.

Is breakfast complimentary for IHG members?

Unfortunately, IHG Platinum elite membership does not provide complimentary breakfast or access to the IHG lounge. Even as a Platinum member, certain resorts will be nice enough to provide you with breakfast and/or lounge access.

What do you receive when you join IHG Platinum Elite?

With IHG Platinum status, you’ll have access to all of the perks of Gold status, plus a 50% boost on your base points. When space is available, you may also be eligible for accommodation upgrades.

How can I make sure my IHG points don’t expire?

Simply stay, earn, or redeem points once a year to preserve your points from expiring! Make a new memory and get extra points by staying at one of our almost 5,200 locations across the globe. You may use your points at any of our locations worldwide.

Per stay, how much IHG points do you get?

After each account anniversary, you’ll get a free stay at an IHG hotel worth up to 40,000 points.

What is the value of IHG points?

Domestic stays were worth an average of 0.7 cents per point on weekdays and 0.6 cents per point on weekends. IHG points are worth 0.7 cents apiece, according to NerdWallet. Claire Davidson is a personal finance staff writer at NerdWallet.

What are the value of IHG Rewards points?

IHG hotel stays earn 25 points every dollar spent (10 points per dollar from the card and 15 points per dollar as an IHG Rewards Club member) 2 points each dollar spent at the petrol station, grocery shop, or restaurant. On all other purchases, you will get 1 point every dollar spent.

What does it cost to purchase IHG points?

Members may buy points for as cheap as 0.57 cents apiece until February 27, 2020, and some are even eligible to buy up to 150,000 points (50,000 points more than IHG’s annual maximum). You’ll finish up with 262,500 points and $1,500 in total.

Is it possible to hire a vehicle using my IHG points?

Through its travel gateway, you may redeem your IHG Rewards Club points for flights, rental vehicles, and non-IHG hotel stays. You may use your points to pay for paid flights, rental vehicles, and hotel stays via these sites. The more points it costs to book, the higher the price.

Is it possible for me to book an IHG reward night for someone else?

Members of the IHG Rewards Club may spend points to reserve a hotel in someone else’s name, but you must provide that person’s name when booking online or give the information when booking over the phone at 888-211-9874.

How many Marriott points do I need to get a free night?

With a redemption level of 50,000 Marriott Bonvoy points or less, the Free Night Award may be redeemed for a one-night stay at eligible Marriott Bonvoy hotels, including room cost and applicable taxes.

What does IHG stand for when it comes to hotels?

The InterContinental Hotels Group is a collection of hotels owned by the InterContinent

Is it possible to get IHG status by purchasing IHG points?

The points do not count toward your status if you take them. Any bonus you get when you sign up for the IHG Rewards Club credit card is no longer considered a base point.

What do you receive when you join IHG Gold Elite?

Gold level doesn’t come with a lot of perks, but it does come with additional points for stays at hotels like Holiday Inn. Gold Elite status is the lowest category in the IHG Rewards Club, and it’s usually acquired after 10 qualifying nights or 10,000 elite-qualifying points.

What are the different IHG Rewards levels?

The IHG Rewards Club has three membership tiers:

  • 0 nights / 0 stays per year at the club (basic level).
  • 10 nights / 10,000 Elite qualification points / Gold
  • 40 nights / 40 000 Elite qualification points — Platinum.
  • 75 nights / 75 000 Elite qualification points for Spire.

Is it possible to use IHG points to purchase airline tickets?

You may exchange your IHG® Rewards Club points for airline miles in any frequent flyer program that accepts them. Your points can bring you to your ideal vacation, whether it’s a stay at a five-star hotel or a journey home to see family.

What is the difference between a Holiday Inn and a Holiday Inn Express hotel?

The distinctions between a Holiday Inn and a Holiday Inn Express are minor, yet they are significant. In general, a Holiday Inn provides more services. A Holiday Inn, for example, will normally feature a restaurant and bar on site, but a Holiday Inn Express would just have a breakfast area.