Tips For Traveling As a Solo Woman

Solo travel

Traveling solo can be a great learning experience and also helps you get more in touch with yourself. When you are a woman traveling alone, there are a few extra things to consider. Safety being the first. Safety is the reason why many women do not go on trips alone. We all want a world where anyone can go anywhere they want without the fear of something happening to them.

Till that can happen, we can still do things and take extra measures to get the experiences we want without having to be scared. Here are some tips to help you feel prepared and safe on your trips alone.

1. Dress like a local

Honestly, I believe in wearing what you want, but when it comes to reality, blending in with the locals makes you less of a target for a mugging or anything in a tourists spot. Tourists spots are notorious for it to be littered with waiting to scam or steal from the tourists. So, blending in and looking like a local is the best way to not draw attention and enjoy the places in peace.

2. Join organized tours

Every popular tourist spot will have tours with a proper tour guide. Even though you have traveled alone but do not want to wander around alone, this is a great option. You get to be with people yet be alone in groups. Because you don’t know anyone you are not expected to socialize, yet you get the safety of numbers plus the tour guides know exactly what to look at.

3. Book things in advance

While you might want to get a taste of the place and book stuff when you arrive with what catches your eye, I will always suggest booking at least the place you are staying at in advance. When you arrive at a place after traveling, all you want to do is lie down and rest.

You are tired and not at your sharpest, so wandering around looking for a place to crash isn’t the smartest decision, especially when it is night already. You might have researched the hotels you want to check out and then make a decision when you reach there, but there can always be no room available or some other issue. So, do not compromise with a place to stay or transportation.

4. Don’t get drunk

Getting drunk makes you open to all kinds of problem. Getting wasted and then trying to reach your hotel can be quite a task if you do not have anyone else to take care of the situation. Be careful, especially at night; drunk women become easy targets for creeps because it is difficult for them to defend themselves. You also don’t have familiarity with the area to figure out a way to reach your hotel if there isn’t a cab or something available plus no one is going to come to pick you up. So, drink responsibly when out alone.

These aren’t big things really, just some small precautions to take. Being able to read a situation and take decisions accordingly is your biggest advantage. So, always beware of your surroundings. If something feels uncomfortable, remove yourself from the situation. Other than that, have fun traveling. It is one of the best experiences.