The Ideal Ways to Make the Most of Your Layover When Traveling By Private Flights


Traveling in a private jet gives unmatched comfort and ease, yet layovers might still happen. If you have a planned stop or an unforeseen wait, using your layover wisely can make your travel experience even better. The following tips will help you maximize your time during a layover when flying by private jet.

Plan Ahead for a Smooth Transition

Plan ahead by researching airport facilities for your layover. Many private jet terminals, or FBOs, offer luxurious lounges, meeting rooms, and concierge services. Knowing this allows you to make informed decisions about your time. For long layovers, consider booking a spa treatment or meeting room in advance.

Take Advantage of FBO Amenities

FBOs for private jets are made to give travelers a lot of comfort and ease. While you wait, use all the services available. You can relax in a soft lounge with free snacks and drinks, work fast using Wi-Fi connection or find a silent place for reading or sleeping. FBOs may also have showers and restrooms, which are helpful for people with longer layovers who want to freshen up. Using these facilities can make your layover a pleasant and beneficial part of the trip.

Explore Local Attractions

If you have a long layover and the place is worth exploring, then go for it. Those who travel on private jets usually can organize for ground transport and utilize their time when they are not in the air very well. Going on a brief trip to see a museum close by, walking around in an area park, or eating at a famous restaurant can bring some thrill into your journey. Do not forget to arrange with your concierge or flight team so that you can handle and make sure of coming back to the airport in good time.

Optimize Your Travel Itinerary

Layovers, they are not just a pause in your travel. You can also use this time to check and adjust how you plan to travel. You might want to get in touch with the place where you will stay at your destination, look over any work-related contacts if that’s why you’re traveling, or maybe review all the details of your trip like documents and schedule.


This “do it yourself” attitude can assist you in being arranged and guaranteeing a steady continuation of your trip after the shortstop is complete.

Empty Leg Flights

A special benefit of flying in a private jet is the chance for empty leg flights. These are single-way flights that happen when a private jet has to go back to its starting point or get positioned for the next customer. Usually, these trips can be booked with substantial savings compared to normal charter rates. If the time of your layover matches with an empty leg flight to where you plan going or another interesting place, you could think about changing your plans. This might bring a touch of suddenness to your journey and possibly lessen the expenses while still experiencing private jet travel’s opulence.

Stay Productive

For people who often travel for business, a layover can be considered quite beneficial in terms of productivity. Numerous FBOs have private meeting rooms and office spaces where you can continue the usual conduct of your business. During this pause, one may utilize the opportunity to handle emails, get ready for coming meetings or even partake in conference calls. Making good use of your travel day by doing some work can assist you in remaining productive during this downtime.


Layovers can feel like wasted time, but with some planning, they can become enjoyable and beneficial. Utilize FBO services, explore local attractions, or even consider empty leg flights for new experiences. Instead of viewing layovers negatively, view them as opportunities for relaxation, productivity, and discovery.