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Best Spots to Watch the Santorini Sunset

20 February 2017 Sunset, Santorini - Greece Sunsets have the stuff of childhood dreams. There’s a kind of magic at dusk when the skies turn color-mad, and you watch the indescribable enveloping the world in a cocoon ... read more

Mediterranean Cruises: Culinary Ports of Call

30 January 2014 Tips for Not Breaking the Bank While Planning a Last Minute Trip With so many world-class destinations lining the shores of the Mediterranean, it’s no wonder cruise itineraries have become so popular here. Though this stunning sea is famous for many things, ... read more

6 Cruises Around the World

19 March 2012 A cruise is one of the most glorious ways to see the world. It’s accommodation, entertainment and beautiful sights all in one. And the best thing about it is that ... read more

Plan The Ideal Greek Cruise

21 July 2011 Plan The Ideal Greek Cruise Greece is one of the countries every world traveler should visit in their lifetime. However, thanks to its ancient language and significantly different alphabet, it can pose a unique challenge ... read more

Turkey, the Hidden Jewel of the Mediterranean

29 March 2011 Whether you’re planning that special family vacation or a romantic break for two, luxury holidays in Turkey have been a popular choice with families and couples alike, over many years. With ... read more

New Destinations and Ships Presented by the Norwegian Cruise Line

15 December 2010 New Destinations and Ships Presented by the Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Cruise Line has announced today its plans for a big expansion in Europe for 2012. Four ships will be dedicated to this expansion — two of them year-round. 2,018-passenger ship ... read more