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Upcoming Rock Music Events in London in 2017

26 April 2017 rock music events London Power, rebellion. adrenaline and strength are some of the many words that strike our mind when we hear rock music. The goosebumps audiences get when they listen to the amazing ... read more

The Insider’s Guide to Conquering Comic Con

14 April 2016 The Insider’s Guide to Conquering Comic Con Great guide for all my fellow geeks initially published by Hipmunk’s Tailwind Blog on April 13, 2016. Another year, another multitude of Comic Cons to attend. Whether you’re hitting up the ... read more

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay: What It Is and Why You Should Be There

21 November 2015 Hogmanay is the Scottish word for New Year’s Eve. In Edinburgh, it is celebrated with a Hogmanay festival. Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is one of the largest New Year’s celebrations in the ... read more

Travel Features: Wedding School in Moscow

22 April 2014 Wedding School in Moscow Hotels are often stages for interesting travel events, which go beyond boring symposiums, endless corporate presentations based on commercial monologues, or other similar, business related happenings. Such an event took ... read more

Ready for Fall Colors?

21 August 2013 What’s fall if not the perfect season to watch leaves change colors? Be it the parks in your city, the nearby hiking trails, the mountain forests, or just the trees ... read more

Travel Photo of the Day: Kids Having Fun at Cheese Market, Hoorn

14 June 2013 Cheese markets are fun! You get to see huge stack of yellow rolls of cheese being displayed, moved around, bargained over, all while someone narrates the history such events in ... read more

Travel Photo of the Day: Schools’ Parade, Hoorn

6 June 2013 Sometimes we travel to attend a certain event, be it fair, concert, parade, party, and other times we are just lucky and we happen to be in the right place ... read more