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Uniquely Netherlands – Top Experiences to Add to Your Itinerary

22 August 2015 If you’ve read my blog before, you know I am a big fan of Netherlands. Been there three times already, and as it happens with other favorites, I can’t get ... read more

Travel Photo of the Day: Alkmaar Canal

9 September 2013 Amsterdam might be famous for its canals, but those in smaller towns such as Alkmaar are equally beautiful. Less touristy, a lot quieter, but definitely worth a stroll during your ... read more

Travel Photo of the Day: Ferris Wheel, Alkmaar

7 August 2013 The Ferris wheel in Alkmaar, built especially for the Kermis, is quite sparkly on its own. Add a silver shinning moon and you get the perfect night time atmosphere. I ... read more

Travel Photo of the Day: Cheese Market, Alkmaar

31 May 2013 If you like cheese, then you’ll love Dutch cheese markets! There is cheese everywhere, people are running around carrying huge yellow rolls of cheese from here to there, there are ... read more

Travel Photo of the Day – Reflections in Alkmaar

24 May 2013 If you can’t live in a floating house (a boat tied up on one of the canals in Amsterdam), then the next best thing is to live in a house ... read more

Travel Photo of the Day: Haunted House, Alkmaar

20 May 2013 The Kermis is a combination of a fair with an amusement park and an annual happening in Alkmaar, Netherlands. Sweets, food, fun and adrenaline pumping rides are all there to ... read more