Statue of Liberty Renovation – No Visits to the Crown for a Year

The Statue of Liberty, one of the most easily recognizable symbols of New York City and the USA, will be off limits for tourists for a year starting this October. The monument will be thoroughly renovated, aiming to offer a much safer and more accessible interior to travelers. But as a better travel experience needs some sort of payment, the landmark lovers will have to make their peace with not being able to climb up the statue for the next 12 months.

If you’re still planning to see the Statue of Liberty on the inside and from its crown, you can do so till October 28th. After that, the renovation project will start, an undertaking that will cost over 27 million US dollars. The renovation work will however be limited to the monument, Liberty Island will still welcome visitors and the view of the statue will be unobstructed throughout the 12 month period.

“The entire experience of visiting these national landmarks of the United States remains absolutely the same,” said Tegan Firth, a spokeswoman for Statue Cruises.

According to the National Parks Service, they will close the statue’s crown to upgrade the stairwells and improve safety at Lady Liberty. One of the reasons for undertaking the renovation work were the newest fire codes which require escape routes that would allow the statue to be evacuated within two hours, which the current staircases on either side of the pedestal cannot offer.

The Statue of Liberty, landmark build in the 1880s and given to the USA as a gift by France, is visited by 3.5 million people each yer. About 240 tourists visit the crown every day.

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